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  1. Here is a 23, you can see how the tank is mounted under the chassis/frame. This did not have the trunk so had the centre filler. It is also an export model as you can see has the right hand steering and gears with the wire wheels.
  2. You can get Reference Manuals and Parts Manuals for the 1923 Models from the Buick Heritage Alliance.
  3. Simnut, Your fuel tank should have the filler coming out the side of the trunk as in this pic of of a 23-55 and in the pic you posted above. Most cars had the filler in the centre , but the models with the factory installed trunk had the filler at the side. If this is not the case, it means the tank has been replaced at some time. Your car is 95 years old and over the years changes often get made. All the tanks are oval in shape and mounted between the chassis rails. There should be a flat metal plate that the trunk sits on, this was the case in 1924 and I would assume would be the same in 1923. Your car is a 23-6-41 as Buick did not make a 2 door sedan in the 1922 Models and as you know 1924 was a completely different car. Even though your car was probably built in 1922 as it has an early serial number, it is a 1923 model, as Buicks production year ran from August to August . Buick often did bring out new models through out the year to co- inside with motor shows held at different times.
  4. And some more. With a chassis/frame number of 869070 your car would have been built in late 1922. Maybe Sept or Oct. As you can see 1923 was the last of the cage valve engines.
  5. What a great original 23 Model 41 you have there. Even with the trunk. This was the first year for the two door sedan/coach. They came out in both the six and the four cylinder.
  6. Bob, The valve plate is not meant to be loose on the pivot pin. It is meant to move freely but not be loose. You can see on this one, at some time the pin has been replaced and the pin has been soldered onto the plate. Are you missing the cone shaped spring locator on the air valve. It looks like there is a hole in yours. Rod
  7. Your right and Loyds is a 1920 not a 21
  8. This one,s on ebay at the moment. No reserve
  9. Ben, Have you put a new cork float in. The old floats become saturated causing flooding. Also the float pin often becomes stuck if slightly worn. When dismantled they move freely but when reassembled they stick causing flooding. Remove the float cover and push down on the needle valve while the engine is running. to check it is re - seating properly.
  10. Like the way the back was done on this pickup/ute. On ebay at the moment. If only I didn,t already have too many projects.
  11. And here,s another bare frame for you. It isn,t a 23 but the construction is the same for all the four door tourers. I like to work on a flat bench rather than building on the chassis. Start with the main chassis rails and work up from there. I,m in Bundaberg, but I have some land at Kempsey and head down the New England every so often.
  12. Norm, Your not wrong, time and money are always a problem. But its good to see that restoration is starting. Where are you located. Rod
  13. This is from the 1919 -20 Reference Book. I think its pretty much the same as Hugh said.
  14. Here,s a bit of information on the timing
  15. Brendan, good to hear things worked out safely for mum and bubs. Continue to keep us informed on the progress of your 25 -55. Its always good to see progress being made. I,ve done very little on my 25 recently as I,ve been working on the 20 roadster, renewing all the suspension and changing from LHD to RHD.
  16. Swin10, Start a new thread, saying what is wrong with your carburetor. If yours is not broken it can most likely be repaired. There are a number of topics on this Pre War Forum on the Marvel carby of this period. As Leif said, say where you are. There may be some body near by that can help.
  17. Did anybody on the Forum end up getting this car.
  18. Here,s an interesting one on Ebay for 1925 owners. Wouldn,t mind it myself.
  19. Mark , Congratulations on your new purchase. By that frame number, it looks like a 1922 model. This would have been manufactured in late 1921. 1921 and 1922 are almost identical and if it has 118 inch wheel base, it is most likely to be the Model 45 five seat tourer .
  20. This acid etched one, on Ebay is nice. But too much for me at $235.
  21. Yes, I agree with Leif on the 1913 Model 25