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  1. Mark, Thanks for the photo,s. Its great to see a car coming out of hibernation. The car certainly looks in much better shape than the old trailer it was stored in. I guess keeping it up off the ground would have been a big factor. Keep us posted on your plans.
  2. Just a bit of input from members of the Forum. If you wanted to use this car regularly on club runs, the front seat would not last much longer. As it is the original leather, what would you do. This car has been in the Victorian Buick Club for many years.
  3. It not a 1920. Either a 21, 22? But it looks nice.
  4. Here,s one on a Buick. Hugh, that radiator and shell certainly looks nice.
  5. Mr Earl. It was showlow. craiglist. Whitemountain Lakes. Arizona asking price $6000. No phone number. Don,t know how to attach the link
  6. I don,t like to be critical?. BUT. Add states, engine rebuilt, new pistons and crankshaft, transmission rebuilt. Unfortunately they forgot to replace the spark plugs. Add also states, Enough parts to build a second car. Unfortunately the way they were stored was not the best. Looking at the tires, it may have been sitting out in the water. Looked like a nice car before restoration was started.
  7. Brenden. It would be about 1.85m. If you went 2.1 or better 2.2m you would have plenty of clearance.
  8. Your part of the world Terry. Madison Craigslist
  9. Here,s a nice touring body on Craigslist. $2800, (poynette ) Phone (608) 577 5418
  10. Looks really good Larry. It will be exciting to take the car out for its first drive. Did you put aluminium pistons in. What did you need to bore the cylinders out too.
  11. Thanks for that Kevin. I didn,t realize these were the Canadian hinges.
  12. Here it is a bit larger. Count 8 teeth spaces for single dot.
  13. 1925 Master Manual, It looks to me as per plate 26, that when the flywheel is at TDC the dots are 2-3 teeth out.
  14. As per the 25 Master Shop Manual. It says to count 8 teeth spaces back from a line projected out from the keyway. This gives the position of the single dot. the two dots are at 180" to this. If the crankshaft is then turned through one turn it should align with the single dot on the cam gear. See what the 25 standard Manual shows.
  15. Hugh, This 1920 gear has two dots on one side and one dot at 180" ( infront of the Buick ) As per the cam/crank gear alignment plate ( for the 25 Master ) in the Shop Manual, the two dots align with the crankshaft mark. When the keyway is positioned as per the plate 26 in the Manual, the two dots would align with the crankshaft marker. I had a look at a 25 engine I have out the back, but could not see any marks on the cam gear. Will have a better look tomorrow.
  16. When hanging the back door, found there was a lot of wear in the hing and was unable to get the door aligned properly. So will need to replace the pin in the hing. Also found I am missing two of the hinges, The part that attaches to the door, so will need to make more of these as one is also broken. Have plenty of the pillar hinges.
  17. Looking good Kevin. The fun never ends, does it. Adjustment, re-adjustment. You start with a nice tight joint, but then to increase or decrease gaps, the joint needs to be relieved for adjustment, or brackets and latches that have been screwed in place end up being out. I always temporarily attach brackets or clamp where possible, use smaller screws to start, and epoxy fill ( epoxy mixed with sawdust ) the holes when they need to be moved. I haven,t bolted/screwed, either the cowl or tub down yet, ( only clamped in place ) as they both may need to be moved slightly after all the do
  18. What colour is that Larry.
  19. Cutting out the recess for the hinges. Back door hinges in place and pillar re- installed.
  20. Had two different brackets to provide support for the centre pillars. One off a 24 and the front one off a 26. Decided to use both to give extra bracing. Upon dismantling and reassemble found the rear bracket did not provide any extra bracing. So will just go with the front one.. But have put in a large plate to provide extra support. The whole centre section, required moving forward about an 1/8 inch to get the correct door gap.
  21. Did not have a lot of original wood for patterns , so cut a lot of patterns out of ply for each piece
  22. Yes Hugh, It is a Papua & New Guinea hard wood, Very nice to work with.
  23. Front door on with hinges. Gaps look good and level at the top. Spacers are required to get everything level. Will glue in permanent ones on final assembly.
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