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  1. George,

    New Windshield for '65

    Thanks Guys, I have already ordered 3M stuff 5/16 for my Riviera.
  2. George,

    New Windshield for '65

    Guys, is the installation of the windshield to be done with a tape ? If yes, which size should be used ?
  3. George,

    New member need parts help

    Guys, which size should be used ?
  4. George,

    New Windshield for '65

    I was also dealing with Richard. I can confirm everything was OK.
  5. George,

    Boattail door handle - reproduction ?

    I think not so long, or even they are released just now - I am hunting (actually "I was", in such case) for some used handles, to have a spare due to a known problem of breaking. And I just have got the notification from Ebay today, about those. Used handles was very often on Ebay for something like $100, but I was lucky to get some for $35-$50 price range. However, I could pay $120 for a new one, like for the repro above.
  6. Looks like repro is available .....
  7. George,

    1965 Engine Compartment Rubber Baffles

    Bad luck :-(. Thanks for the update. George
  8. George,

    1965 Engine Compartment Rubber Baffles

    Tom Tom - any chance if you make a set for yourself, that you will make a second for me ? Please PM me if yes. Thank you.
  9. George,

    '65 brake booster

    Thank you ? The part# & google worked out !
  10. George,

    '65 brake booster

    Can you please post a link to autozone item ? Thank you.
  11. George,

    Free hubcaps

    PM sent.
  12. George,

    Free hubcaps

    Paul, I am interested. What payment type are you accepting ?
  13. George,

    Passwords not accepted second time of login

    Yes, please. Thank you Matthew.
  14. George,

    Passwords not accepted second time of login

    Looks like I have the same issue as Ken Green has described in the first post. I can't log in, I need to reset the password, then I can log in. But after I logout, I can not log in anymore. Then again resetting the password helps. Update: I have changed my forum display name (option allowed once per 30 days in the profile setting). Additionally I have changed an email address linked to my profile. And now logout and login works. Not sure which change solved the problem (shouldn't have done both in the same time ...), but it is OK now.
  15. George,

    Strange blower speed / PCV issues

    I am using a hand vacuum pump to create vacuum and to monitor if it holds it. I am connecting it to the different components or systems (like vent flaps actuators) one by one, to shoot the problem.