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  1. If you had two days for hersey swap meet which days would be best to go???
  2. I just cant remember the name of this really good Italian Rest in Hersey almost behind the grounds any help! Thanks
  3. Just a quick note If you are in the area stop by Lake George NY this weekend and enjoy the car show. Begins Friday but the cars start coming in Wednesday. A great show throughout the village. You wont be disappointed
  4. Looking for the left rear fender molding(long) and right lower rocka molding for a 55 chrysler 2 door
  5. Looking for a set of seatcovers NOS for 1955 Chrysler St Regis Green/Jade
  6. yes i am interested please let me know price a picture will help the clips too thanks gary
  7. Wanted either a set or right side rocka panel molding(s) for 1955 Chrysler St Regis Thanks Gary
  8. Looking for a fuel tank and fuel filler for 1955 Chrysler 2 door (st regis) please emaill Thanks Gary
  9. Can anyone advise me where I can purchse a spark plug wire set for my 1955 Chrysler St Regis????
  10. Can anyone guide me to a vendor who would have a carpet set for my 55 Chrysler St Regis. Seems these are either hard to get or I am looking in the wrong places Thanks gary
  11. Looking to fit a Stylecraft Continental Kit or any other for my 1953 Packard. Please email if you have one that can be adpated as well Thanks Gary
  12. I havent been to Carlisle is a few years and was wondering peoples feeling about the swap meet. Is it the same as lets say 5 years ago I would go regulary from the 80's-2000's but its been awhile Any advice Thanks
  13. Looking for a continental kit for a 1953 Packard Parts will be considered to piece one together will be considered Thanks email here or
  14. Looking for any number of caps or cap parts like thses on the packard
  15. Question: Whats day is best to attend the swap meet Thursday or Friday Thanks All
  16. Looking for a 53/54 style Ford Corando type rear Trunk tire kit
  17. Looking for any wire hubcaps from the 1955 Packard 400 Parts any number someone might have Thanks gary:)
  18. Looking for an outside visor that bolts on the sides and in the center of roof. Length needed from side end to side end is 57 inches Sunvisor for 1953 Packard Universal or other makes that might fit is fine
  19. Looking for an outside sunvisor for a 1953 Packard Clipper
  20. Looking for a nice trunk emblem for the 1953 Packard Clipper.
  21. Looking for a set of 15" wire caps for the 54-56 packard
  22. hello By any chance do you have any Packard 15 Inch wire hubcaps from about 1955 on Thanks gary
  23. Looking for a Coronado kit can be Ford or after market too Thanks gary:)
  24. Looking for a set of wire hubcaps for 50"s packard
  25. Looking for the following for a 1953 Packard Clipper 4 door Set of Vent Visors(4) Spotlight and bracket(s) one or both sides Contiential Kit Outside Visor