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  1. Maybe someone here can guide me. I picked up a really nice RCA AP1 car record player at Hersey this past weekend. It looks like it was barely used but I would like to send it to a reliable restoration shop to test / repair as needed Does anyone have a shop that they can recommend Thanks. Gary
  2. What a great day! Weather perfect as well as vendors. Tomorrow wil be just as great
  3. Going to begin Hersey for the first time on the Wednesday. Will vendors be there for business or are they just setting up. Hoping for nice weather for Thursday and Friday. Just wondering which in your opinions are the best days or the swap meet Thanks all
  4. Yes. That was it Thanks all Much appreciated!
  5. I can't remember the great Italian Resturant near the show. Can anyone help. Thanks!
  6. Looking for an after market Continental Kit for 1963 Corvair. Email Thanks. Gary
  7. Great I am too heading up on Sat AM looking forward for a first visit Thanks See you around WB
  8. Has anyone been to the Stowe Car Show. Are their any swap or parts there?? Worth the trip? Thanks for any info gary
  9. Looking for either a working or non working Steering Wheel clock for 1955 Chrysler
  10. yes please email pictures to Thanks Gary
  11. looking for a set of after market wire hubcaps for mopar chrysler from 50's
  12. Currently looking for a dealer emblem for forward look 1955 --
  13. Craig I guess you will also need the dist. number As soon as I can get to the car I will have that info if one is not needed please let me know gary
  14. Looking for either NOS or new replacement Dist Vac Advance for 1955 Chrysler St Regis 331 Hemi
  15. Looking for a continental Kit for a 1955 Chrysler
  16. Question for all: I havent been back to Carlisle in quite sometime. I having been considering a return this spring for minor pieces for my 1955 St Regis My question is has it changed to the point that it is parts of new years(70's up ) or? In the past when I would go to both Hersey and Carlisle I could find alot however spring was always Carlisle. Used to go to Englishtown but never was able to see older swap meet items there. What are your observations Thanks
  17. it just might work Ill take it just let me know when and where I can do a pick up Tomorrow AM since I have to go to Krystal?? Thanks Gary
  18. cap cup size is 1.75 inches The dome to the rib is 1 inch Thanks Gary
  19. In need of front grease caps for a 1955 Chrysler email
  20. Needed one or a pair of grease caps for a 1955 Chrysler email
  21. Looking for someone who is parting a 55 chrysler need a few parts
  22. Needed a grease cap for the right front wheel for my 1955 Chrysler Measures 1 3/4 "
  23. will be at Hersey if you have 55 Chrysler parts let me know where your space will be