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  1. I'm glad to hear all the comments I don't mind the challenge. I enjoy the swap meets and the hunt In the past I usually pick cars ready to be crushed and restore them Just my crazy thing I am completing a corvair Rampside but saw this 31 four door. Other than a few chips here and there it's really nice with rebuilt motor. I dont have to do any mechanics other than maintaining A few question. Are the brakes like the model A or more traditional. The motor looks like the 55 3100 I restored I have never really looked at one so I am more familiar with the Model A and Model T asking price is 8500 on eBay The video sent to me looks really good and runs great I have purchased and sold on eBay for a long time now so I expect less and hope for beter Looking for a nice driver for local shows or just a fun drive. I'm no longer into winning the trophy anymore. My problem is I like everything. Just a car person my entire life ? Im thinking hard on this one. Never had a 30's Chevrolet
  2. This is the problem I had with my 55 Chrysler StRegis. I font want go get into this situation again. Yes model a ant are great. My god airs are as well. Looks like I'll pass. Thanks all
  3. Wow. I just posted under general discussion. I wanted to purchase a 31 sedan ive been looking at on eBay but was concerned about parts. My model A and at and corvair Rampside have been great Now I'm not sure
  4. Go onto corvair center forum. Also many corvair trader on Facebook
  5. I am considering purchasing a 1931 Chevrolet Sedan. My question is are there forums for help and clubs Can anyone steer me to parts catalogs for future parts This would be my first outside my model a and t where parts and forums are in abundance Any assistance would be appreciated gary
  6. Looking for nos or Nos aftermarket front floor mats for corvair 95 Rampside Also corvair vans front and back
  7. I have a beautiful 1963 Monza convertible for sale or Trade. Turn Key with full documentation of bills/ photos/ owners dating back to 1980's When NOS was used original packaging was retained for documentation purposes Will sell or Trade Must have clean title or transfer registration in your name. More photos on request Contact for additional information
  8. For consideration: A beautiful 1963 Corvair convertible for trade/ automatic. Extensive work completed / no rust car This is a turn key car Great show/driver I am finishing my Rampside truck and will need room so looking for a trade just to spin off to my son classics corvette any year considered street rod and restore rods preferred Any trade must be with all the proper DMV paperwork or not considered Full documentation of past work/bills/photos/prior owners and more When NOS was used packaging save for documentation purposes Brand new tires and NOS caps just installed for more photos and information email Car is located in Lake George NY
  9. Looking to buy the following for my 1963 Rampside bumper guards vent visors dash clock
  10. Ok All. What days do you feel are the best to attend the swap meet before vendor psckmup much appreciated!
  11. Can anyone tell me the best days for Carlisle. It's been a long time since I attended and was thinking Wednesday/ Thursday. ???
  12. This is why my post below. I used a shop in Pennsylvania in the past with very very good results. I sent them one plate and a tag in October. I have yet to get them back and it's July. Called every two weeks since May only to get the same answer. It's coming next week. Two weeks ago it was on the table ready to go and I have yet to receive. I'm at the point of no return since my state requires two plates to be legal on the road. I am truly stumped ! i have other plates that need to be redone thus my post for other shops Be be careful to get a timeline!!!!
  13. Are there any really good swap meets in the Cleveland area in the fall. I'll be traveling out this way and thought I would mix in some car stuff.
  14. Can anyone recommend a good efficient restoration shop to restore license plates. Thanks all
  15. Looking for a hood for a 1969 Chevrolet C- 50
  16. Question. Do you have a transferable registration or title NY is really tough with a his. Thanks. Gary
  17. Looking for a reasonable 1960's Chevrolet Vanity Mirror with Comb Pocket in good condition at a reasonable cost. Thanks Gary
  18. I am looking for a NOS. or near perfect nose bar for 1964 Corvair. Clarks has dome but they were not in the greatest condition for the price. Thanks. Gary.
  19. I can use some assistance. I have an RCA45 car phonograph that I was able to get from the original owner. The unit is in great condition and was working when removed many years ago I have not decided weather to keep it or sell. My question is does anyone know who does repair this type of accessory if I decide to keep it I have not tried to power it up in fear of causing damage and figure it needs to be properly done Please advise Thanks Gary
  20. Does anyone make a reproduction of a 1963 Corvair battery for show car ?
  21. Looking for a 60 olds convertible in need of restoration as a long term project. 2 door no post considered also. NY N
  22. Looking for Corvair accessories including after market items. 1961-1964. After market continental kit too
  23. Carts should only be for the handicapped only. Too many unnessary carts around This should be looked in to. What a great show and people to match. Weather A+