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  1. can you check in the trunk to see if it still has the cardboard cover on the left side of the trunk kind of covers the gas spout in the trunk Tanks if so maybe a picture just to be sure and price I can used payPal Thanks Gary
  2. I have a load of lower bodyside moldings with and without the vinyl insert a set of really nice standard hubcaps set of chrome remote mirrors if anyone can use caps and mirors off a 50k one owner car
  3. Looking for either NOS or used deck Lid Ornament with or without deck straps for 78-79 Thunderbird Part number is D8SZ6042632A each kit is 3 pieces Ill take whatever someone might have
  4. Looking for a 1978-79 Ford Thunderbird the trunk decor straps set that were used as an accessory. I am in need of a set of the simulated buckels with or without the rear straps. The part numbers are d8sz-6042632-a I believe they were also used on the 78-79 Merc Cougar
  5. looking for the following at Hersey for 1977 thunderbird pair of outside sport mirrors Wide bodyside moldings with vinyl inserts. Wheel well moldings to go with the bodyside both left and right Thanks
  6. Its been at least 10 years sice I was last able to go to Hersey. Now I can resume this trip. I have a few questions concerning the fields. Are they the same all on grass or has this changed I want to prepare myself properly in case of rain..I for many years swam in mud so many times Is there anything else one might need to know Thanks Gary
  7. looking for the following for a 1977 thunderbird body side moldings with vinyl insert Both sides Wheel well moldings that go with the above bodyside moldings sport mirrors both left and right wire wheel caps 4
  8. Looking for a NuVue spotlight for my Lincoln.
  9. Looking for NuVue spotlight from the 1960's
  10. Looking for a vintage trunk rack for my 1963 Lincoln:)
  11. Looking for the cruise control head unit for a 1963 Lincoln. mine was removed years ago..fits under the dash right side of driver. please email grubin648@yahoo.com
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