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  1. here is a option for repairing one broken lever. I cut the center stud from downside and drilled a thread from down and fixed with a screw. so i can now lose the levers to repair them. can't post a picture why ??
  2. sounds good.. thank you all very much for your help !! great..
  3. thx, no i drive a RIvi 63 in germany.. will only looking for parts an impressions..
  4. Hi, i driving with the Petronix II with the Coil from them since 5 Years. 401 Nailhead. never had Problems...
  5. Hey. i will spend my Holidays this Year in Region of Tennesse, Alabama, Missisippi and north Florida etc..from 2 Sept till 18.09.2011. Can someone say some "must see " points of Interests for a 63 Rivi Rockabilly Driver from Germany ? like Junk Yards.. Part sellers or Classic Car meets ? thx
  6. Hey, my Users Guide says that the first Owner was a Man in NY. Someone have a idea why my car have a Kilometer tacho ? I bought it here in Europe ( Switzerland ) cheers
  7. ok. now i have rotate the pic ! Is this the right way to mount that ?
  8. Hey, i bought that Crossmember as a 64 Rivi crossmember for a th400. Is that Correct ? And the Mount for the th400 64 Buick Riviera. Are that part correct ? Cause i have difficult to believe that that parts fits together ... Are one part the wrong one or are there two different mounts ? Should the Rubber from the mount fits well in that valley from the Crossmember till the bottom? Can someone send me a pic from a mounted one ? I have a 63 Rivi but with Trans Th400 from withNumber: 66T-446 could someone open my eyes ? thx a lot
  9. Hey, i need the part or the info where i can buy it It should be possible to ship that part to Germany ! Please contact me by thx
  10. Hey Rivnut, its a reproduction part.. it is basic balanced.." and recommended to be balanced with Cranc.and damper... Now i chanched the also the damper, ( rebuild one ). A bit better... but the vibration are still heavy at 1800 rpm. below and at higher rpm i thin its nearly good...
  11. Okay, here more information, cause maybe i forget something to pay attention: I bought the car ( !963 Riv Chassno. 7J1030645 ) 5 Years ago. During restoring i saw that the Trans was changed from Dynoflow into a TH400 ( Super Trubine 400 Code: 66T-446 ). i can´t remember verry well, but there were some vibrations. Then i have rebuild the engine 4 Years ago. From the feeling the vibrations were become every year a bit more. So i decided to check the flexplate and i saw that it was the much place for the converter in the centerhole. So i bought a reproduction part on ebay, basic balanced for 401 nailhead with adapter for th400. After that i had to bring the starter 4mm away from the flexpalte cause there wasn´t space. now its ok. but the vibrations were still there. so i decided to change the converter, still no good result. now ive ordered the balancer.. hope that will bring the aspected result. Or are there more possibilities for a mistake ? Could the central schaft from the Trans been bent, because the converter wasn´t centered fine for a few years ? Please give me all your ideas and experience 1 thx to all..
  12. Flexplate is is installed. correctly, and its a new part.. I have changed also the converter.. no result.. Driveline couldn´t be, cause vibrations are also in Parkshift. I´ve bought a rebuild balancer...hope thats the solution... Do someone knows a fact, that anyone have had hard vibrations and elliminated them with changing the balancer ? thx