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  1. John1918 - What does RHD Model stand for??? 1930 - I will get you pictures of the trunk. Its is steel and it folds out to make a small truck like bed.
  2. Thanks for the compliment. It didnt come with any of the tools but someday I hope to get a set. Yes that is a trunk on the back, It really adds a lot to the look of the car. I do not have an owners manual. I thought someone said that there were no owners manuals that came out for the car. This car will need an engine overhaul, brakes redone and it needs to be rewired. But other than those LITTLE things this car is in great condition. I bought this off of ebay out of Lees Summit Missouri. It was running when I brought it home, but now it is sitting in the garage waiting its turn. Post some p
  3. How many on this site own a Dodge Brothers Victory 6??? Just thought i would try and find out who else on this forum has one. Tell us all what you have. Here is a photo of my 1928 Dodge Victory 6 four door sedan. Lets see yours!!!!! Thanks for everything, Andrew.
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