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  1. Dave I need one of each of thses tools to adjust the slim jim trans also. rrbedard56@yahoo.com
  2. Does anybody happen to have a good used headliner for a 68 or 69 ,maybe other years?, Rambler American Rogue 2 dr. hardtop? No dome light in it. Please contact me. rrbedard56@yahoo.com
  3. Has anyone seen a vintage air pump like this? From what year is it? It ia cast steel and has a light inside and you move the weight up the slide rule to the pressure you want and it whistles while the air fills tire and when the whistle stops your tire is full. My dad hung this on the wall for customers to use before 1945.
  4. Is their anyone willing to look at a car for me in Wesley, Iowa? We are willing to pay a fee to the person willing to look for me. A 70 Dodge Challenger numbers match car? Thanks Ron B. rrbedard56@yahoo.com
  5. I think the title has a motor number? The motor was blown up and now has a newer 6 in it.
  6. My car might not of had a plate because my floor has no holes from little screws.
  7. How was the aluminum tag attached with screws, rivets? I can't see where anything was on my floor around passenger side.
  8. Where and what does it look like the location of the vin. number on a 35 Chevrolet master 2dr. sedan? A picture will help me. Thanks Ron. (rrbedard@charter.net)
  10. Where can I look for the serial number on my 1935 Chevrolet Master Deluxe? Is it on the body or frame or did they use the motor numbers? What does the number look like, is it letters and numbers or what?(sample) Thanks Ron B.
  11. Can anyone help me out with a belt molding for the passenger door on a 49-50-51 Ford woody wagon? my email (rrbedard@charter.net) Thanks Ron.
  12. My friend is looking for the stainless belt molding on a 1951 Ford Woody Wagon passenger door. Who has one and how much? Contact me please @ rrbedard@charter.net Thanks Ron Bedard.
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