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  1. Do they have the back up lights in the guards?
  2. Need rear bumper guards w back up lights and center bar for a 50-53 super.
  3. 52 Super deck lid good shape. 150.00
  4. need 51-52 special eyebrow moulding or upper grill bar. 52-53 special 2 door sweep moulding (right door only) Thanks!
  5. Need an eyebrow moulding for a 51-52 Special. Must be straight. Thanks! Scott
  6. Need a clean 51 special deck lid. Hopefully somewhere in Ca or NV. Thanks!
  7. Looking for a 41 Buick dual carb intake and split exhaust. Yea I know... Anybody?
  8. Is anybody making radiators for a 52 special or do I need to have one custom made?
  9. Hi Pete, Just received the side mouldings you sent. Thank you very much! The red 53 looks great. Nice job. I used to own a 53 special. One of my favorites. Scott
  10. I think it's called an eyebrow moulding? The chrome moulding above the grill. It's for a 52 Buick Special. Scott 925-997-7686
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