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  1. Hi: man y thanks for the ideas. Was just what I wanted to do with a new stainless shaft. Problem is the the impeller is broken. If I can get another impeller I can fix my pump. kind regards
  2. looking for a water pump or water pump rebuilt kit for a 77 1930. any advice will help.
  3. looking for my next restoration project. Would like a roadster or convertible 8 cylinder or larger 1929 to 1932 car. Serious buyer. unrestored car or old restoration
  4. hi: I`m looking to buy top irons and windshield frame for a 1930 roadster model 64. kind regerds
  5. Hi: I´m attaching pictures of what I need. Studebaker 1929. 5 inch exterior diameter aprox. Let m eknow if you find something. Kind regards Ignacio
  6. Ignacio: you might look for Chrysler ads from 1930, in your country. Maybe you will get lucky and a picture and a description of what it is might be included. Hi: I couldn´t find information on old ads from 1930, thanks for the tip anyway
  7. Hi: Looking for studebaker 1928-1929 hubcaos for whire wheels. Outside diameter is 5 inch thanks
  8. Thanks !!! I hope I can find someone who will restore the car has it deserves.
  9. I agree with you, that the car might have left the Chrysler factory without a body. May be the Chilean Local dealer at that time makes different selling bills, one from the car manufacturer and another from the body builder, which unfortunatelly is not available..
  10. Very interesting, but if you see at the pictures the top part of the hood follows the line that make the color division when painted (the one that starts on the grill, goes through the hood and the goes down on the cowl and the door side). Also the horizontal molding that goes all around the car also continues on the side of the hood, upside the louvers. Both things make me think that the hood is original on the car. Also old pictures from 1960´s ( past owner bad quality pictures) shows the same hood in the car. What do you think?
  11. Thanks Dave.. Very interesting post. I measure 124.5 inches wheelbase, but may be an error on that if your book says 124. Or the difference may be in the old suspencion that is lower now. Do you have more info of the Fedco bodies? never hear about them before. Pictures ? Which book are you looking at? where can I bought a copy? What did you say that the hood sides do not match the discription of A 1930 77 SERIES ? As far as I have research about the 77 series, they came with this type of louvers and the other kind, Pennon louvers I think they are called.
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