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  1. I've already put this in the for sale section but, just in case it isn't checked by everyone, figured it is a good idea to put here as well: I recently bought a very decent 64 Rambler that came with a parts car that I'm slowly stripping. (http://forums.aaca.org/f119/parting-out-1964-rambler-classic-291509.html) There's no way my wife will let me hold on to the driver and this parts car so it is bound to be junked, unless someone wants the hulk. Until that happens, does anyone here need any parts off this thing? I'm in SW Connecticut. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com
  2. I have a very complete 1964 Rambler Classic parts car that I am taking parts off for my own use (hood, trunk lid, grill, some other odds and ends): Parts Car Rambler pictures - Photobucket As you can see in the above photobucket, the car is a typical New England rust bucket but has many perfectly usable parts - for instance: The engine is definitely seized but the bolts-ons look good. The interior is in rough shape but the dash looks good. Front fenders are fairly straight but have some rot holes in the top. They may be re-usable but would require some body work. Quarter panels are gone, I think. Most of the chrome is pretty good but some is slightly pitted. The front fender is in rough shape where the one mounts the license plate - the rest of the fender is in decent shape, strangely enough. There are just too many parts to mention so if you need any particular part, let me know and I'll take pictures of it for you. I'm in SW CT, in case you want to save on shipping. After I strip the parts I want, you can even buy the entire car, if that's what you need. Rem Call or email: (203) 526-3763 whybcuz@yahoo.com
  3. After cleaning the garage out, I've put these two rims on ebay: 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556391713 end time Oct-30-10 12:21:17 PDT) 15" Vintage dodge wheel 5 x 4.5: eBay Motors (item 170556390787 end time Oct-30-10 12:18:52 PDT) Note they both have a buy-it-now for $60 and specified that, if a bid has not been made yet, I've reserved the right to cancel the auction. If any AACA member is interested in them, I'll let them go for $50 a piece with actual shipping cost (which will likely be around $20). I'm in CT, if you want to come pick them up and save on shipping costs. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com (203) 526-3763
  4. I recently bought some parts for a 1952 pilothouse. The deal came with both piece of corner glass. These are some of the more harder parts to find for these trucks. I will be using the other part but already have spare glass so don't really need these. Would anyone here like to to trade my glass for your spare 16" Dodge wheel of similar vintage? I'm looking to use stock hubcap's so it will need to have the dodge particular clips. And, in case you don't need my glass but are willing to part with your spare Dodge wheel, let me know. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com
  5. I have a 52 Dodge Pilothouse and have bought stuff from Roberts (Roberts Motor Parts - ONLINE CATALOG) and Andy Bernbaum (Andy Bernbaum Auto Parts for Chrysler's cars from 30s to 70s) without problems. Some Powerwagon (Vintage Power Wagons-- Your Source for Dodge Power Wagon Parts and Trucks! -- civilian military m 37, m-37 wc Dodge Power Wagon) parts cross to regular Dodge trucks. There are a bunch of people on the P15-D24 forum that have trucks like yours (www.P15-D24.com - Powered by vBulletin) that may be able to help you with parts.
  6. I'm in need of at least one 16" truck wheel for my 1952 Dodge Pilothouse's spare tire. This is a 5 lug wheel on a 4.5" circle. I believe mine are 5.5 or 6" wide. Since some of my hubcap clips are missing, I'm also looking for hubcap clips particular to Dodges of that vintage. Not sure if anyone makes those but thought I'd throw it out there, just in case.. Thanks! Email or PM is fine. Rem whybcuz@yahoo.com
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