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  1. Looking to re home my 1924 Hupmobile. My Dad and I restored it years ago and it needs to go to someone that can show and enjoy it. Photos of the car are available at tfwright.com
  2. I need information on where to buy a head gasket for 1924 Huppmobile with 4 cyl R engine. And spark plugs. Thanks Tom Wright Decatur,AL
  3. I need information on where I can get a head gasket and spark plugs for my 1924 Touring R . Thanks Tom Wright Decatur, Alabama
  4. Does any one know who to contact about The Hupmobile club I'm wanting to join but so far I haven't gotten a replay back from the contact on the web site. Thanks Tom Wright 1924 R series Touring
  5. Hello, I just recently bought a Hupmobile . I got a FL Title with it. The serial # is R152147. I had it up a running in about a week. I'm looking for a speedometer cable for it does any one know a source to get one. Also any info on this car would be nice. I have pictures posted at my web site tfwright.com Thanks Tom Wright Decatur, AL
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