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  1. Its a water-based basecoat but a solvent clear. I've been to 1/2 dozen paint shops looking for single-stage "washington blue" and nobody can help me. Just a puzzled look on their face.
  2. Cool video,thanks for posting it.
  3. Look for the problems and fix them. 8 volts doesn't fix anything. Napa makes a good 6volt battery.
  4. Looks like what the Shriners have modeled their parade cars after.
  5. WoW that looks fun! Wonder if it can be tagged for street use?
  6. "303" brand products work beautifully on tops. They are found at marine supply. They have UV and water repellant products.
  7. I do not miss the cold north. Enjoying retirement in the warm south! 68 today:D
  8. Used to... but the loud screaming made me move it to the other side;)
  9. That is a stretch of the imagination for sure. Rare isnt all its cracked up to be though. Rare=$$$ parts.
  10. Doing some work on an old house attic brought this lil seat back to light once again. The house was an old carriage-works of sorts as logbooks were also found. Missing a strap going across chest area. If you look closely you can see it folds flat. Label: AUTO GO BYE Baby auto seat Mfg. by the american national co. Toledo ohio Made in U.S.A. Measures (seat) 12.5"h x 13w x 11.5D (hooks) 17h x 5d Anybody have more info or experiences using/riding in one?
  11. The lens should not be clear should it?
  12. Thanks! I think you nailed it. First instinct was Chrysler but couldnt find a picture to match.
  13. Friend found this in his attic. Measures 10w x 5d. Screw in back adjusts the beam by socket depth. Appreciate any help on what this fit? Stainless trim, Distinctive peak brow.
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