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  1. I can get the fronts off fine but for the life of me I can't get these off. What's the trick? I have an repo of the original shop manual and it doesn't say anything specific to rear drum removal. If anyone has any info or tips I'd highly appreciate it. Thanks Tyler
  2. A '52 dodge Meadowbrook. All original with the stock flat 6 and the 3 speed Fluid drive trans.
  3. I've got a '52 dodge Meadowbrook that I'm looking to give a little more pep in its step. Its got the stock flat head 6 that I love but with the factory rated 103 hp, which I've probably only got 83 of now, It could use some more get up and go. I was thinking of doing a tri-fi carb set up for it. I can find chevy and ford parts to do it all day but I'm having no luck with dodges. Are they really that different? I can do some moding but i was just wondering if one do they make a kit for dodges or ismit possible to use a different make and still work? If anybody can help me or at least point me in the right direction I'd really appreciate it. Thank you for all of your time. -Tyler
  4. Mine are bonded. They only come 3/16ths thick so I don't know how you would countersink rivets into them. If you know how I'd like to know, but yeah the originals are bonded. And thanks for the adhesive link I really appreciate it and everyone's posts and help. That's why I joined the aaca. This place is the best. -Tyler
  5. Thank you all for all the info and research. It's been very useful. Does anybody know the name of the adheasive that is used to glue the pads onto the shoes? Again thanks for all the help. -Tyler
  6. Hi. I'm redoing my brakes on my 1952 Meadowbrook. It's got hydraulic brakes and I've just got done rebuilding the brake cylinders and during the process of it I discovered the my brake pads are absolutely shot(one was even broken completely in two). So I checked around at Autozone and some other places and nobody's carrying them. I've looked online and no luck. I was wondering if anybody had any ideas on where I should check or anything. Thank's for reading. -Tyler
  7. I've got a '52 Dodge Meadowbrook. It doesn't have any side mirrors and I love that clean sleek look but from a practicality view it's not very convenient. I just want to put one mirror( maybe two but am leaning towards one)on the driver's side. I was hoping that someone could please give me some name brands to look up or something. I really don't want to put any holes in it or weld anything on it, for I don't want to ruin it's originality. I have heard of some screw on and even clamp on mirrors but I don't know where to look so if anybody could help me out I'd really appreciate it. (btw it has a sun visor that I could possibly put it on to) -Thank you for your time.
  8. Thank you Mr. MacDonald. I'll try it out tonight. I just got done removing the radiator and heater core. I'll be taking them to the shop tomorrow. I'm also going to replace all of the hoses and rings. The water pump will be my next project and then I want to rebuild the carb. Thank you for all of your input sir. And if you could please send me that locks and key page I would sure appreciate it thank you.
  9. So I've had my 52' Dodge for about an week and just tonight I found out how to lock it...but not how to unlock it. At least from the outside anyways. I figured that for the back seats I can push down the pop-up locks and for the front i just turn the interior handle backwards than what I do to open it but when I tried to unlock it from the outside my keys wouldn't turn. One key starts the car and it came with another that I haven't found to do anything yet. And the trunk is still an mystery to me so if anybody has any tips or tricks that I'm not aware of I'd really appreciate it. Thank you for your time.
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