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  1. Nice Survivor, 45,000 miles. never restored but nearly everything has been redone over the years, Was in the collection of Herb in Gainesville Georgia until my purchase. No rust! Everything works except the windshield washer. Optional 4:11 differential with OD. Can share many pictures with serious party. Family health issues dictate selling. Drive it home. $55,000. OBO. If you are a consignment dealer, just dreaming or collect pictures.. Please don't waste our time. Sounds a little "crude" but I really only want to deal with a serious buyer. dwad1939@att.net Car is located in Melbourne Fl.
  2. If the one you are looking for has a red triangle in the center..It is a 1950 thru 53, Some early ones were chrome, later ones were stainless. The 49 has the old style Hudson emblem in the center with rings around it. The attached picture is the 48-49. I am sure I have a restorable extra somewhere in my "pile'.
  3. A very thought provoking thread. Some thing to think about no matter what vehicle you are welding on .Although it wasn't a welding situation. ... A bad ground cable burned a speedometer cable in half on my motorhome. It reminds me of the time my 61 VW crank pulley came loose from the hub. A local ship maintenance shop said they could weld it back on so I wouldn't have to replace it. The welder hooked the ground lug to the rear bumper. The next day my main bearings failed. OUCH! Crank was blue..
  4. Thanks for the help! Sold 'em to a gentleman in California that says they are aftermarket and fit his Desoto..
  5. Studs (1/4-20) spaced 2 9/16 center to center. Pretty close to 2 1/2" !! The studs screw into captive nuts that are in the mirror base. . There are small holes to the outside, but not enough room to put a drew driver in (?). Probably would be mounted with nuts and washers from inside the cowl. They sure look like they would fit your car. The shape of your molding looks like these.
  6. The mounting dimensions are.. 4 5/8" long by 1 3/8" wide. Cast in the underside are the letters R & L Obviously the side it fits .ALSO are the letters D-C in both. Desoto Chrysler ?? I had them listed on EBay for $50.00. Of course only Packard folks looked and didn't bid. Dan Canter sent me a note to straighten me out. I guess if anyone knows Packards it's him!
  7. I uploaded the pics I have, but don't have access to the mirrors at the moment, so I can't give any dimensions.. will do that soon.
  8. I had them identified as Packard, but I was wrong.. Maybe early 40's Chrysler product? They obviously mount on the cowl in place of belt trim. Certainly not Hudson. I have more pictures if needed. Thanks, Dave
  9. Yes it's here the "for sale and wanted" side .. Not on ebay right now or Hemmings. Same car as my avatar. Let me help fill your bucket.. LOL
  10. Thanks guys...just what I expected.. They want $299 and "screen the calls". Lots of verbal crap but didn't respond to a request for a copy of the contract. I honestly would rather swap calls and emails with the interested parties. A 49 Hudson convertible only appeals to a limited audience. I feel like a parent offering a child for adoption.. Not a good home? It ain't leaving!!! Maybe I am too emotionally attached? LOL
  11. I have a car for sale and have been approached by a company called "Classic car seller Network". Anyone have experience with them?
  12. My 49 Commodore eight convertible is for sale. Three speed with overdrive, lots of extras. Very nice above average driver quality. No modifications from original. Ready for touring or show. Needs very little to be a show car. Rebuilt mechanicals. Located in Florida. Offered elsewhere for 75K. Reasonable honest offers considered. Enclosed trailer with many features offered separately. Emails are best since my hearing is poor. Pictures are available for serious folks.
  13. Anyone know what happened to Hot Rod Air of Selma Texas? Can't find anything on the web.
  14. If I ask a HydraMatic repair man if he has ever worked on a Cast iron Hydro.. and he says" All Hydros are aluminum. You have a power glide".. I leave quickly. Hennie at Greenville Transmissions in Greeneville S.C. is a walking Guru on old transmissions and is a member of AACA . No one touches my HydraMatic except Hennie.
  15. Google Doug Wildrick Restorations in Indiana.
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