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  1. Thanks Again everyone, Would someone be willing to keep an eye out for one while they are at Hershey? Here are some pictures of the bumper that I am looking for. It is for a sidemounted spare car, so the bumper is full width. The center bar which mounts to the car must have a curve on both ends (otherwise if it is straight it is a front bumper which I already have). Thanks for any help with this. Neil
  2. Thanks Dave and John for trying to help. I should mention that I am looking for a full width rear bumper for a car with dual side mounts. Instead of a bumper meant for a rear mounted spare. Neil
  3. Dave I'm definitely interested. Please send some pics and price. Does anyone know how to get a hold of Steve? Neil
  4. Stopped by a car museum and met a fellow who has 2 68 gs 400's for sale. They are projects, 1 is manual and the other auto. They are projects. He also said he has a couple 61 invicta's also. I didn't have time to go to his yard and look. He has 300 cars plenty of bucks. Hope to go back and take pictures in a couple weeks. Located in tappen bc Canada I will pm anyone who wants his phone number. Neil
  5. Looking for a 1930 2 bar rear bumper, in any condition. For a 60 series, but I think they are all the same. Neil
  6. I live just 45 minutes from vernon. Would be willing to go take a look if anyone is interested. Neil
  7. Some pictures from yesterday's sunday drive. Including one of a future buick driver.
  8. Took the car out today. Ran great. Shifted much better with 600wt instead of 90wt. Steering is better than it was, but still not perfect. Neil
  9. Hi all, My family and I took part in the prewar aftertour this year, and had a great time with everyone. While on the tour I found that the car was very difficult to keep on a straight line. Well I finally found some time to look at the front end alignment and found a few problems. When checking the measurements for toe in I found that the car actually had a toe out. Somewhere in the cars life someone had put a jack under the tie rod arm between the two front wheels and bent it adjusting the toe in to a toe out. (I think it has always had a toe out since I restored it, something I overlooked) Anyway while trying to correct this I noticed that the passenger side front spring shackle was resting against its stop. And when looking across the front of the car the tires did not line up with the fenders. I installed a spare spring from a parts car. Corrected the toe out and adjusted the steering backlash (which I think was allowing the car to wonder soo much with the tires set with a toe out). While I was servicing the car I did a valve lash adjustment and oil change. As well as changed the transmission oil to 600W on advice from other members on the tour. Can't wait to get out for a test drive. Hope everyone had as much fun as I did on the after tour, a really great time meeting other buick enthusiasts. Neil
  10. Thanks Airy Cat, that is what I was hoping. Yes, both are dynaflow cars. Also was wondering when buick switched from babbit bearings in there engines? As I understand it they first changed from babbited mains at some point and then some years later started with insert bearings on the rods also? Can someone tell me what years the changes were made? Thanks again Neil
  11. Hello all, I am wondering if a 51 roadmaster engine will mount in a 48 roadmaster body? Is there changes in the block between these years or will it just bolt right up? I have purchased some parts cars site unseen and just curious how much trouble I have bought myself. Thanks in advance. Neil
  12. Hi, Matt I just purchased a 1948 model 76c parts car, and am looking at another 1947 model 56c parts car. Can you tell me how much different the cars are? right now I am assuming the doors and rear fenders are the same? I assume the diference is in the front hood and fenders, is this correct? Thanks, Neil
  13. I've never been before, but plan to attend. Neil
  14. Thanks, Mark and John. This helps a lot. I have booked the hotel rooms for the aftertour. So count me in. See you all there. Neil
  15. Hello All, Has there been any talk yet of a prewar after tour being held. This will be my first National Meet and really liked the sounds of the one that was hosted this past year. Trying to plan my trip to Portland and don't want to miss an all prewar cars tour if it is going to happen. Also, how does the National Meet work (this will be my first). Are the cars on the show field all week? or just Saturday during judging? Is there anything that a first timer bringing a car should know ahead a time? anything to make sure not to miss? Advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Neil vanDalfsen