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  1. You can get a new kit here: Mike's Carburetor Parts
  2. I don't know the history of this carburetor but here are some things to think about. The 4G uses several different accelerator pumps and it is easy to get the wrong one installed. Did you use a good carburetor number to buy the carb kit? To test, look into the carburetor and open the throttle (engine off) a few times. You should see a good stream of gas squirting into the carb. The gasket between the throttle body and float bowl can be the wrong one. Several with fit and kits usually have multiple gaskets to fit several models, but this usually acts as a vacuum leak and won't idle well. There
  3. Jon's reponse is right on. I just want to add my view on the matter. I send carburetors all over the world and I'm not having problems like Jeff is. I also don't coat the floats. As Jon says customers all over the country are complaining about gas boiling over when the hot vehicle is stopped. When I send out a carburetor, I add a pre printed letter that explains some of the problems with todays gasoline and with ethanol. From that the customer just wants to know what they can do about it. It reminds me of the vapor locking problems we had in the good ol days. Oh yes, the pumps and regulators
  4. You can get it here. <a href="http://www.carburetor-parts.com/servlet/the-544/carter-yfa-carburetor-repair/Detail">Carter YFA Carburetor Kit</a>
  5. Yes, You can call me at 360 347-1077 Thanks Mike
  6. Your carburetor is a Carter YFA, produced 75-80 for Ford. Thanks Mike's Carburetor Parts
  7. For anybody interested I added two new files to my web site. One identifies Carter carburetors by number and what they fit. The other file identifies which Carter number goes on a particular vehicle. Enjoy. Carter Carburetor Identification Mike's Carburetor Parts
  8. The guys at the radiator shop are correct. A leak at the top or bottom bowl is very repairable, but in the core is something else. As the radiator expands and contracts the seams tend to seperate and dirt gets inside. You can't get inside to get it clean enough to solder. I owned a radiator shop in the early 80's and did a lot of honey comb type radiators. Back them we could order a replacement core by size. The supplier would cut it and ship it for assembly. Thanks Mike Mike's Carburetor Parts
  9. I'm thinking that may not be the orginal carburetor. Can you get me the carburetor number off of the carburetor? Thanks Mike http://www.carbsrus.com
  10. I don't know if this is what you are looking for, but this is what I have so far. I will be posting other information when I can. Click on the link below, scroll down the page and you will se the OE-1 link on the right. Carburetors Rebuilt - Stromberg Technical Thanks Mike
  11. I might have what you need. What is the application for the carburetor?
  12. Find a starter & alternator repair shop in your area and let them test it. They have the machine that can closely mimic your cars system. Most will do it for free. Pretty hard to do it on the bench without running the generator motor. http://www.carbsrus.com
  13. You can find out what the correct carburetor and number is for this vehicle by visiting Rebuilt Carburetors Auto and Marine Discount Prices Click on Technical, then vehicle identification. Hope this helps.
  14. LESTER 9200 / PIC # 340-310 Type GENERATOR Mfr DELCO Voltage 6 Rotation CW Amperage 30 Regulator E/R This is what the rebuilder catalog says about your generator that you now have. No lising on what it fits, but I wouldn't worry about using it on your car. As long as it fits and is the same amp or better (which it is), you will be fine. Even the regulator doesn't make much difference as long as it is adjusted correctly. Thanks Mike Rebuilt Carburetors Auto and Marine Discount Prices Starter Generator Alternator New Rebuilt & Repairs
  15. Give me a call. I can help you. I'm old. I understand carbs, not fuel injection. Rebuilt Carburetors Auto and Marine Discount Prices
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