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  1. Hello again Pete, Pleased your temporary fix got you there and back home. I note in the Carter section of the '49 shop manual they make reference to a procedure to ensure the sides of the floats have clearance from the side of the carby bowl to prevent the float assy. sticking. Mike H.
  2. Hi Pete, My information shows a spring clip is used to secure the needle to the float arm. Is there a leak in the float allowing it to partially sink? Are the metering rods free and seating OK or crud stuck under a seat? The fact that it's been running fine until now would suggest the ingress of foreign matter. Best of luck, Mike.
  3. Chuck, What car to you intend to take on that Caravan? It might have bearing on our USA destination for our flights from New Zealand to attend the Nationals! I am tempted to buy another Buick, (in the USA), and join you. Mike Hanning Christchurch New Zealand BCA #40630
  4. Hi Andrew, The RHD cars usually have a plate about 3 inches X 1/2 an inch attached to the edge of the floor pan just ahead of the drivers seat on the drivers side under the edge of the floor mat. I have sighted the plate on NZ '39 models at that location. I recommend you join The Buick Club of America if you haven't already done so. Best regards, Mike. BCA #40630 Mobile: 021 895 248
  5. Hi Pete, I have emailed you some photos of the Buick Bug which you are most welcome to use if the quality is good enough. Best regards, Mike H. BCA #40630
  6. Hi, The cooling capacity of the 1924 4cyl. system is 3 1/4 gallons, (13 quarts). Regards, Mike Hanning.
  7. I will be there from New Zealand with my wife Helena. I hope the weather has cooled down a bit since we were last in the USA for the National Meet in Concord! We will be staying at The Hershey Lodge, arr. Tues. 9th. and dep. Sat. 13th. We will call by the BCA tent for a catch up and Buick speak. Best regards, Mike. BCA#40630
  8. Hi Larry, The use of a vacuum gauge will take a lot of guess work out of this one! Remove both the inlet and the outlet lines from the pump, remove the spark plugs and wind the engine over about eight revolutions on the starter whilst holding your finger over the pump outlet, after you have stopped turning over the engine remove your finger from the pump outlet and if the pump is OK you should hear air escape from the outlet, if not then the pump needs attention. Should you have a pressure gauge to connect to the outlet a reading of 2.5 to 3.5 psi. would be expected. If it passes the first
  9. I am saddened to learn of Dave's passing. Dave made me very welcome when I attended the Plano National meet and went out of his way to announce to all present that I was a visiting BCA member from New Zealand. A wonderful introduction that left a lasting impression on me of Dave the kind, caring and helpful person willing to assist his fellow BCA members in so many ways. My deepest sympany to his Family at this sad time. Condolances from all Buick enthusiasts in New Zealand. Mike Hanning.
  10. Hi Ron, You require a "Speedi Sleeve", you should be able to find what you need from an industrial or automotive supplier of bearings and oil seals as they are normally stoced items. Regards, Mike Hanning Christchurch New Zealand
  11. A simple way to overcome this issue is to place an ordinary inner tube in the "thin" tyre and inflate it until the problem tyre spreads and takes on a pregnant appearance, leave it like that for half an hour then deflate the tube and remove it. The bead of the new tyre should be spread far enough apart now to fit it to the rim. You don't even need a tyre machine to fit these tyres if you know what you are doing, lube the bead well and with the right technique using a rubber hammer they are easy to fit! Good luck, Mike Hanning BCA #40630
  12. What you noted with the input shaft bearing is the way it is supposed to be, the shielded side of the bearing should be nearest the gear teeth. I know at first glance this arrangement appears to defy all logic but Mr. Buick knows what is best! Good observation and good question but all the factory service manuals refer to this as the correct orientation of the bearing/shield. Mike Hanning Christchurch New Zealand. BCA # 40630 '36 -'38 Buick Club #50
  13. The '37 series 40 dash is bolted at each side, you need to open the doors to expose the bolt heads. Mike Hanning.
  14. Helena and I will be there. Chuck Kerls needs help to get into trouble and I'm sure I can help! Mike Hanning, Christchurch. New Zealand BCA #40630
  15. Check for a vacuum leak at inlet manifold fittings and connections such as carb gasket leak or head to manifold gasket leaks. Check distributer points gap, condensor condition and ignition timing. I would also rest the valve clearances as that is a favourite cause of the low vacuum reading you noted. Mike Hanning, New Zealand.
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