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  1. If you look closely at the model a picture that hole is at the top of apron close to the body. On my aprons the hole is low down, by the running board. They may be for a later dodge, im not sure. I bought them thinking they were for an early 27, 26 range. They were not. They are 69" long overall.
  2. They're not model A. Model A aprons don't have the hole for greasing the suspension.
  3. I have a set of splash aprons that I bought for my 1927 DB thinking that they would work for me, but they are for the later 27 model, not the early 27 like mine is. They are in extremely great condition with no rust and plenty of paint on them. They are straight and not bent at all. 69" overall length. I have no use for them and would like to sell them to someone that could use them. $250 Call or text or message with any questions. or requests for more photos. (910)258-2099 Located in Lumberton NC. Thank you, Corey
  4. I have a column that came from a 1937 D-2. I have a 1936 C-1 myself that I'm restoring and don't really need the spare column. I got it in a trade of an old car for the running gear, suspension, and steering out of a 37 D-2. Let me know if your interested. I'm in NC so shipping would likely be high.
  5. Ill get some measurements and photos. It may be a couple of days though.
  6. Thanks Dave, I wish someone would want these things. I've got them listed over on ford barn as well.
  7. I did track down that email from Bill! I can forward it to whoever would need it. the original thread was: http://forums.aaca.org/f143/1927-db-roof-276381.html Good luck!
  8. Hi Dave! yes it has been a while since I've been in the chats. For the last year and a half I was working 3rd shift, and have just moved to 1st. My problem is that I have to be up at 4am now, so staying up to chat is hard to do. I don't have the bows in my top, just the outer rail. I have a picture somewhere that'll have to track down that has the layout of the bows. A fellow member sent it to me a few years ago and I saved it for future reference in a safe place, but now I cant recall where that safe place was.
  9. I wish I could do body work that looked that good. About the best I can get away with is body work for my military vehicles or tractors, lol. I hope she will be, but I have to find a radiator first, I've contacted brassworks twice with no response about if they can make me one. Mine was missing when I bought the car. I've got one now, but it looks horrible and I'm sure it wont hold water.
  10. here are some more photos of the restoration process thus far.
  11. ill see what I can do about finding that paint code.
  12. I bought new ones from vern. The only thing that they need is for the trim around them to be secured together, otherwise they fit good. Mine were beyond repair.
  13. Thank you very much. Ill have to go back and look but it was PPG code. I think it was called midnight blue, used to be a boat color actually. I just went and picked out a color that I felt like was pretty close to the dodge blue that I wanted it to be in my head. I know that doesn't sound good from a correct police standpoint, but it looks like I wanted to in my head.
  14. Hi everyone, I have been working on this truck for a number of years now (somewhere around 4-5). I am a long way from where I started at. This all began with me trying to find my great grand fathers old 36 c-1 truck. I had no idea what it was at the time. After a lot of research and asking several older family members I came to the conclusion that I was a 36 model c-1 (we already knew it was IH, just didn't know the year or model). I then began looking everywhere for what became of the old truck. In the mid 1970's my dad pulled the old truck up to his back yard from where it had been sit
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