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  1. I'm partial to the '56 convertible. In my eye the '55 grille is too flat. My choices in order would be; '56, '57, '55.
  2. Yeah, I got a tip for ya. Beware of ill fitting Chinese reproduction parts. I finished the job yesterday.
  3. I believe I would have to be desperate for cash to sell that car......and I don't think you are. A car like that is prestigious, elegant, and special. Unless of course you were going to buy something else prestigious, elegant, and special. But just for the cash; I don't think so.
  4. Thanks for that great observation! When I read that I just burst into laughter! My sentiments exactly!
  5. I'm getting ready to put seals, trim and stone guards on my 56 skirts. The skirts have never had these items on them. I have the general idea of how everything goes but would like any tips, information, etc. from anyone who has done this.
  6. When I arrived in Moline for the AGNM, I had a blown trailer tire. I asked a guy named Jim; he never told me his last name,but he was one of the region members helping to park trailers. When I asked Jim where the nearest tire place was, he said "I'll take you there". He got in my truck and directed me to a nearby Rock Island tire shop where I received prompt, courteous, and reasonably priced service. I just wanted to mention these folks here on the forum. Thanks again Jim.
  7. just because a person has a muscle car does not mean you must be in that class. An owner could opt for class 27d,e,f, etc. A judge please correct me if i'm wrong.
  8. These vehicles should settle some questions about "how it left the factory".
  9. WW Motor Cars and Parts Broadway,V.A.
  10. O.K. thats enough, this thread needs to be locked down:):)
  11. I'm looking forward to this meet as I was there for the last A.G.N.M. I was at the Radisson then and have a room there again. Go out the front door and you're on the showfield. For anyone who is undecided; this is a very interesting area and well worthy of this meet. In fact, we intend to arrive early and make a family vacation out of it.
  12. I don't care much for NASCAR anymore. It's not about who can build the fastest car anymore but rather who pits when,who has gas,or who can hook up with someone else. Still yet; I used to watch every lap of every race until my two favorite drivers were killed {not on the track}. Alan Kulwicki and Davie Allison. R.I.P. My all time favorite driver would probably be David Pearson.
  13. I also read the article but sort of blew it off like a puff of smoke because I realized it was just one man's opinion. I did agree with some things in the article; and I disagreed with some the things. I mean, I'm not going to cancel my policy with Haggerty or anything like that. However ,I do feel we live in a society today that tries to make everything a sickness {drug companies no doubt love this ideology}. The article mentioned drug therapy. Come on; it's wrong to alter who someone really is with a drug unless they are a danger to others. And all this is just MY opinion.
  14. Steve: ditto for me. I once bought a car that had been painted just a week before. What bothers me is I KNEW better than that. If a car has been painted for say five years and still looks good chances are you are fairly safe. Anyway; buyer's remorse in just a few short months. Barry: I'm just glad you caught these issues when you did. A missing brake clevis cotter and a barely threaded pitman arm could have been major safety issues.
  15. Barry: In regard to the spacer, I would rather someone answer that who has actually done it. I have only heard it helps. Since my car is a point judged car I try not to have any incorrect add-ons.
  16. Well; I have read this interesting thread and refrained from comment. Mainly because if I said all I wanted to say, my post would be a kin to War and Peace. However, I have a sign in my garage that pretty well sums up my feelings. The sign says: "Don't steal, the government hates the competition".
  17. Yes that is "normal" for the early Ford v8's. A new power valve installed in the carb can help.......for a while. I usually have to prime my carb if the car sits over a week. Also; even with a new power valve if the engine gets hot {as Flatheads do} The heat can boil the gas in the carb to vapor. But that would be more of a summer time issue.
  18. If I am not mistaken, CASCO and other thunderbird parts suppliers would have the correct dash paint or be able to tell you how to get it. According to the CTCI restoration guide, the dash paint is a flat to simi-gloss that matches the interior but not necessarily a perfect match. I'm assuming in your case the iinterior is red and white.
  19. If someone invented a car that ran on garbage; then garbage would be 10.00 a bushel. We don't like it but they got us any way we go. I am working to be pretty much debt free as fast as I can, because it looks like someday we won't be able to afford any "extras". It will take all we have to just live. I'm speaking of the average working man of course.
  20. I read the posts before they were deleted. IMHO the posts were not out of line. Just a couple of guys expressing different opinions. I would not want to be a moderator because I would probably let too much go through. Let me say that I respect and appreciate all the moderators and I understand the forum rules. The only problem with rules {anywhere,anything } is they can be subject to interpretation. It's a tough call either way.
  21. Bottom line.....GREED! When "Ike" was president the powers that be {aka thugs } were not as numerous or as greedy as they are now. We're victims of extortion, plain and simple.
  22. It looks like a DeSoto emblem to me.
  23. The "tea" comments causes some interesting observations. I have been in rural N.C. all my life but in my travels I have noticed the following about tea. In Florida the offer is sweet or unsweet. Georgia and up to circa D.C. The understanding is tea odered is sweet. Imagine my suprise when I visited Conn. and ordred tea and was brought a cup of hot water and a bag. Y'all git tat outa here, I want tea!
  24. I also use the "Columbus" method. {find it and land on it} This as well as not being able to see as good as I used to; Then, add the bi-focals into the mix.......I usually keep my posts as brief as possible.
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