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  1. If I won that kind of money, I'd pay it on my bills as far as it would go.
  2. well lets see.... seems every year a well known Early Bird restorer sells one for a record price at well known televised auctions. Circa 109K, 115K, 125K as I recall. I'm not talking about E&F birds either. I guess it depends on who restored it and who's selling it.
  3. Yes, many thanks! When I pulled up the forum yesterday morning, I thought the U.S. was under siege or something.
  4. On the underside of the valance there is a round plate with 3 screws. This is the cover for the access hole which is about 8 inches in diameter. This is for a '56. You didn't mention the year you are working on. They may all be the same??? If you look from under the hood through the "triangle brace" that holds the radiator you can actually see the hole from there.
  5. Yeah; the non ethanol was 3.75 per gal.
  6. Just a little while ago I pulled into a gas station with my '56 T-bird. A nice original '55 Chevy 4 door pulled up to the pump beside me.We were both buying non ethanol { the only place in town that sells it }. My mind immediately went back to a simpler time; sort of like it was the 50's again. To top it off, when I went to the booth to pay I saw the attendant was watching Mchales Navy in black & white. As I went back to get in my car I was smiling and momentarily forgot about this troubled time we now live in.......just for a moment.
  7. Hold on just a sec. I have such a paper from AACA no less. Evidently, a few years ago AACA mailed out papers to all vehicles winning an award at a National Meet from 1982- 2007. It has the vehicle AACA#, make, year and VIN. If a person kept this paper coupled with the badge on the car { numbered also } not to mention the congratulatory letter received after the win, I don't know how much more proof anyone would need.
  8. You can't download it. You can however purchase the manual from CTCI. I finally ordered mine after talking about it for years. Tons of great info there.
  9. Someone put a lot of time and thought into that chart. I found that I'm all over it, before it and off of it!
  10. I always use my tongue to test a 9 volt battery. Go ahead and tell me the health hazards of this practice.
  11. I think the HPOF Original award is a good idea. We all know HPOF stands for Historical Preservation of Original features. NOT historical preservation of ALL original features. The way I see it is the original award just takes it a step farther. Sort of like a Sr. award of HPOF. Like anything else, it could become a tight rope walk. My opinion is that no vehicle that has been repainted should be considered for the "original" award.
  12. I'd try putting the car in high gear and rock it back and forth by hand and see what happens. I've had cars stop with a starter drive tooth binding on a flywheel tooth; rocking back and forth in gear was just enough to move everything back into the correct position.
  13. Cars are like women; when the right one comes along, you'll just know.
  14. I too opt for the garage. I got tired of taking the cover on and off, storing, washing,etc. I just use a California Car Duster and dust mine everyday just like a piece of furniture. works fine for me. Actually, the cars get dusted more than the furniture, but thats another story. However, If I were going to use a cover I would agree with Scooter Guy's advice.
  15. What gets me about it is the guys trying to scam you, gets caught, and then gets mad! what does he expect? By the way; I like your title for the thread { idiot scammers }. I"m sure we could also think up other adjectives to describe these kind.
  16. Since laws and regulations have become so strict these days, I have a policy. I never consider anything that does not have a title. If I'm interested in something my first question is; "does it have a title"? If the answer is no ; I walk away.
  17. 1957Birdman: Thank you so much. I have printed that page and hopefully can get my light right. Thanks again.
  18. I,m trying to see if someone can simplify the left hand junction block on my ,56. As you know, there are two blocks stacked one atop the other, with 4 holes in each side of the block, for a total of 16 holes { plug in's }. i've looked at the wiring diagram and just cannot account for 16 wires. Could someone simplify this and tell me what wires plug in where and what wires go out the other side?
  19. In my younger days, I rarely made stupid mistakes. Since i've got older, I have to check behind myself all the time; and still mess up. I went on vacation last week and tried to check into the wrong hotel.
  20. The car in the above photos is not an authentic two-tone pattern. I'm quoting directly from the Early Ford V8 Club 1940 Ford restoration guide: "Yes Ford offered two-tone paint in an effort to liven up Spring sales. The allowable combinations are the following: Folkstone gray body and wheels with black fenders and grille sides. Folkstone gray body and wheels with Mandarin Maroon fenders and grille sides. Mandarin Maroon body and wheels with Folkstone Gray fenders and grille sides. Cloud mist gray body and wheels with Acadia Green fenders and grille sides." "Ford required its dealers to order
  21. You didn't mention whether the car was a Deluxe or Standard. There were only 4 color choices for the Standard and 7 for the Deluxe. Also, the Deluxe could be had in certain two-tone combinations.
  22. Agree 100% You just can't do anything with a bunch of crooks with a license to steal.
  23. I've always used PPG self-etching epoxy primer. i always sand a blasted part before applying the primer,BUT, only a token job to remove the gritty feel. This takes almost no effort. Then clean with a good solvent, tack it off lightly, {tack cloth} and shoot. 20 years with this method and no problems. Don't sand epoxy primer until you are ready to paint as it may loose it's sealing qualities. The main thing is to use "self-etching" epoxy primer.
  24. Look at it this way. It's about as easy to get wives interested in car things as it is to get men interested in an all day shopping spree for clothes, pocketbooks, and shoes. Think about it.
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