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  1. I prefer a Ford. Dual rear wheels for stability. Manual transmission. Gas or diesel, your preference. Now; what I have, is a 2008 Ford F-450 6.4 diesel twin turbo dually. I know this is overkill to the max but its my money I'll buy what I want. Now for the truth. I tell everyone looking for a tow vehicle to buy at least a 250 - 2500 series vehicle and this will pull anything you'll ever want to pull. you may buy a heavier trailer some day or even a camper who knows? With a 250 - 2500 series you are prepared.
  2. To each his own; but I never requested a highlighted judging sheet as long as I won. You know, the old "if it ain't broke don't fix it" rule. I know people who have got those sheets and placed LOWER than the previous try. Even in a win, someone could have deducted for something that was correct. So you get the sheet, "fix" that and make it wrong. As I said; as long as I'm winning...........But again to each his own.
  3. Congratulations on your First Jr. I'll offer a word of encouragement. Sometimes the Sr. comes easier than the Jr. Usually not as many going for Sr. as Jr. Plus, your car having won is probably right. Granted, the minimum score goes to 375 { still stuck with the 10 point spread } but as I said , usually not as many going for Sr.
  4. Ah yes; tools. Nothing like a well equipped shop and yours sounds great. I made a rule a long time ago: if I ever need a tool that I don't have I immediately go out and buy it. Some of them maybe used only once, but I have it.
  5. IMHO, mirrors would be { i'm searching for the right word } tacky at an AACA National meet. This is like a first class organization. We assume most vehicles on a National show field would at least be respectable underneath. I know there are exceptions. Just my opinion.
  6. Welcome to AACA and the forum. This is a great club with great people, great cars and great advice. As I read your post, I was thinking " this guy don't know he's joined the wrong club". Then when I caught the "just kidding" line I breathed a sigh of relief and was comforted. Best wishes with the Buick and again; welcome!
  7. Glad to hear it. I hope it passes even though I live in N.C. A victory anywhere is a victory for us all.
  8. Regardless of what the outcome is; it is still great workmanship.
  9. This just makes me wonder how much stuff has been made up about vehicles that we believe.
  10. Oh brother. It will be interesting to see what someone will pay for it.
  11. There are vehicles that are HPOF certified that have been repainted. To get HPOF Original goes a little deeper. You have nothing to lose by attempting HPOF. If worst comes to worst theres always DPC.
  12. They survived because they were made of some substantial material.
  13. I'm from a hick back-woods south to the bone redneck town. As long as somebody understands what i'm trying to say I don't care. I'd rather be able to communicate in an incorrect way than not at all.
  14. Sure is a big difference in the way they are pampered now isn't it? I remember when I was a kid, my Grandpa ran a wood yard. He would come in with a load of slabs on his 1950 Chevy one to stake bed dually, back up fast, slam on the brakes and the load would shift raising the front end up at about a 45 degree angle. He would then drive out from under the slabs leaving them on the ground. The front end of the truck would slam the ground and bounce 3 or 4 times before calming down. I thought it was so cool when I was a kid. When I grew up and got into the old car hobby, I understood why they need
  15. Oh yes. A 1979 CJ5 Jeep that I bought new. I didn't get teary eyed; I flat out cried. It was the first vehicle I ever bought new.
  16. Yes; one more. How about those who over do it with trophies, model cars, magazines, and everything else they can find to set up around the car?
  17. Yes, documentation is the key. By the way; I talked to you in Tenn. and saw the car. Friday I believe it was. I thought the car was so cool. If you were able to win at Tenn. maybe thats a good sign.
  18. I'm in total agreement with those who detest the stuffed dolls at cars. We are probably getting off topic here; but my pet peeve is those stupid fake bullet holes in NICE cars. I went to a cruise in lately and saw a AGNM SR. vehicle with one, just one of those fake bullet holes on it. What gives?
  19. I have mixed feelings about music at car events. I guess it depends on what mood I'm in that day. But a few observations: I prefer a DJ over live because live groups usually play too loud not to mention butchering a good song. I can be objective because I am actually a musician myself and play in a band. To be honest, I'm just wore out with noise in general. T.V's in the doctors office, gym, restaurants, etc. I mean whats wrong with a little peace & quiet? If music is going to be played at ANY event I prefer the 70's. Best decade in music hands down---prove me wrong. I know i've rambled b
  20. It sounds like you have just simply become discouraged. Don't make a decision just yet. Making a decision while you are down could be a wrong one that you may regret. I would give it a few weeks, even a few months and see how you feel. However, if after a period of time you still feel the same; then maybe it is time to get out. As hardcore as I am with old cars there are two other hobbies that I enjoy as well. When I become discouraged with the old car hobby I find that somehow after some time I always come back to it. Thats how you really know its in your blood.
  21. The greatest value of many of these vehicles would be historic. It would be interesting to study them closely and find out what has been declared today "as it left the factory". I'm sure there would be some surprises as well as possible amendments to current judging standards.
  22. In addition to the above comments; I would like to mention the ladies outdid themselves with the hospitality room. It was possibly the best i've ever seen.
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