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  1. Having just recovered from the Swine Flu, plus Pneumonia, I will be pleased to just to get my garage cleaned up and my cars polished for the winter. My energy level is maybe half of what it was before I came down with all that.
  2. Hats off to all veterans past and present, not only today, but every day. Americas real heroes. Just visited the Marine Corps. museum in Quantico, Va. last Sat. Enjoyed it very much.
  3. 1983 thunderbird Turbo Coupe. 1984 Chevy Pickup C-10.
  4. 1954 Dodge Coronet with only 41,000 actual miles. Red Ram V-8. One of the best original cars I've ever seen anywhere.
  5. Thanks Wayne and Paul. I'll file that bit of info. Since I wandered about that myself now I'll never forget it.
  6. The dead giveaway for me would be the "suicide" doors on the '32.
  7. The last post by Restorer32 is my exact philosophy. Thats the reason I chose to do my own car. Even did my own painting. The car has SEVEN Grand National Senior awards. Like I always say; "If it's right its right regardless of who did it".
  8. I use a product by Eagle One- 20/20 perfect vision glass cleaner. Comes in a clear plastic spray bottle and looks like water. I use Sparkle brand paper towels to wipe. Spray on the towel not the glass. Use a second towel to buff off residue. Always clean cool glass. This is not the easiest stuff I've ever used but when I finish there are no streaks from any angle. In fact, you can hardly tell there is glass. Very clean.
  9. Yes. I have a 1940 Ford Standard coupe, and a 1956 Ford Thunderbird.
  10. Hello fellow AACA members. I have read this forum daily for the last two years and have decided to join in. This is my first ever post and I look forward to being a part of this very interesting forum from time to time. I have been a member of AACA for 18 years with about 30 national meets under my belt. What a great organization!
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