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  1. I pulled for ten years with a tag along. I switched to a gooseneck 7 years ago and wouldn't go back for anything. Still, tag along or gooseneck is a personal preference. I'm not saying a gooseneck is the best; I'm just saying it's the best for ME. I'll have to agree with some of the others on the tow vehicle issue. I pulled for 3 years before I bought my first dually. Again ,I would not go back to a half ton. While I love the stability of the dually, especially pulling the gooseneck; I feel that a 250/2500 series is quite adequate. About any truck will pull a load but what about panic stops, o
  2. Sooner or later one of two things has got to happen. We'll either run out of cars or barns; one or the other.
  3. I wouldn't say "fairly normal", although certainly not rare. Back when the muscle car craze peaked, I saw them approach six figures for a correctly restored example. Of course I thought all the muscle cars were over priced then but that was the craze at the time. Example: My dream muscle car has always been a 1969 Dodge Super Bee Six Pack A12 car. I've watched the prices of correctly restored examples fall from 125,000 to 70,000 for the same car.The barn find Boss I would say certainly not six figures and 65,000 without the engine-no way. Unless of course certain auction companies had it; but
  4. My first car was a 1963 Chev. Impala. AT. PS. 283 2bbl. This was 1975 and my dad said he would buy my first car, after that it would be up to me. Of course the "cool" version back then was the 2 door. Mine was 4 door. I remember my dad buying it { I had no say in the matter }. He said; "heres your car drive it or walk". I drove it. It was a very good car and I still have the bill of sale. Price: 275.00. cash.
  5. Thank you! May your stocking be filled with all the parts you need. Merry CHRISTmas.
  6. I'm not sure how many 56's were exported and therefore had the kilometer speedo. But it was a fair number. It is generally accepted that about 4% of all 55-57 T-birds came with manual trans. However. the O.D. would have been less than 4%. These cars could be ordered in all kinds of configurations. Items could be added and deleted almost endlessly. The only thing that would make the car special would be the export/speedo deal. As I said; it was a fair number. Maybe someone can quote some exact numbers for us. My 56' has the 312 engine, dress up kit, PS, no power brakes or windows and one top {
  7. This very same thing has happened in a Tractor Supply lot in my town.
  8. Simply put: My name means more than money. I recently sold someone a part. They returned it. I refunded full amount plus HIS return costs. I want my name to be above reproach, even if I must go the proverbial extra mile to ensure that.
  9. If I remember correctly, that is the replacement for the riveted pins { T-bird } I Just sand blasted that piece, powder coated, left the original pin in place and used the SS cap. No drilling. The main reason I chose this route is my pins were not worn out.
  10. I had to redo the top frame on my 56 T-bird. Ran into the same thing. However, the Thunderbird suppliers have a 304 stainless cap that snaps/glues over the heads of these pins. Looks perfect. If your pins are the same as a 55-56 bird they will work.
  11. I would pass on this one at even 5K. While it would make an impressive "before and after" restoration book, based strictly on a monetary standpoint, I would look for a better car. Of course the car could be restored if thats what you wanted to do bad enough.
  12. Lets not be too hard on these students. Some may be legit and some may not. Isn't one of the goals of this club to recruit young people? If we have enough dialog even with the jokers, they may actually see we're not all stiffs. I have two daughters in High school and I take large amounts of time with them to support them in their school projects. Sometimes I feel the projects are useless, but thats just to me. Support the young people. They're the ones who will keep this hobby going when were gone. Exit soapbox.
  13. Everyone gets enjoyment in different ways. Me; I like to see how spotless I can keep mine. Thats my enjoyment. I also love showing at National meets, cruise ins and just a very few local shows. I don't get mine out if I think it's going to rain. To some, my way would be considered boring; but it's how I enjoy MY vehicles. Diversity is what makes the world so interesting. So my opinion is; ever how you feel YOU would enjoy it most then do that. I've never apologized for trailering my vehicles or not getting them out in the rain etc. It's how I enjoy them. If you were to enjoy running it off in
  14. Well said Terry. ALL veterans have my utmost respect, as well as those who are currently serving. Ya'll deserve it.
  15. Absolutely! I painted a dash once, even two-toned it with rattle cans. Let it set for one week. Color sanded and buffed and was amazed at the great results. As I stated in a previous post; the key is color sanding and buffing.
  16. Just a note about paint respirators. Most of you probably know the respirator is "working" even when it's not on your face. This shortens the life of the filter elements. Some suggest keeping them sealed in a clean, new, empty gallon paint can when not in use. I keep mine wrapped tightly in several layers of plastic cling wrap.
  17. i admit the government overkills almost everything. Some people just have good genes. George Burns kept a cigar in his mouth all the time and lived to be 95+, while another person who has never even smoked dies of lung cancer. Genes.
  18. The market is being flooded with these type trucks.
  19. Conversely; many painters don't want you painting a car they prepped. You have to find someone willing to work with you.
  20. No,no Wayne. That would have to be determined before the meet { which division you would show in at that meet } No moving around during the meet.
  21. As well you should! I'm going to offer a somewhat radical idea. I believe vehicles that qualify should be allowed to show in more than one division. For instance danleblanc's Caddy obviously could qualify for HPOF as well as class judging. What would be wrong with that? Also, a Jr. up vehicle could certainly qualify for DPC. Comments?
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