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  1. Wheelnut. Thanks for the pic of the direct drive. Having not had to deal with new doors for many years, I wasn't aware of direct drive; but it sounds really good.
  2. Thanks guys. I got what I asked for. I believe the choice will be metal insulated doors with belt drive. Thank for all the insight.
  3. Thanks huptoy. I was for sure thinking about insulated doors. I'm still trying to find some info on the screw drive vs. chain/belt/spring.
  4. Thanks midman. Three things I want to get away from are sweating, weight, and springs. Some years ago I remember seeing a screw drive for opening. Is anyone familiar with this mechanism?
  5. Last week we had all 4 seasons in 24 hours. 65 degrees, gradually sinking to 28 with 5-6 inches of snow. All in 24 hours!
  6. Thanks Larry. How about sweating? When it gets cold outside my wooden doors sweat terrible on the inside.
  7. As spring nears I am ready for some new garage doors. Mine are old, wood, and rotting away. Also being wood they are very heavy. Although they are power operated, when a spring snaps it's scary to think what might happen were someone to be in front of it. I don't want wood anymore. I was hoping to get some ideas from some of you that are satisfied with what you have. How about the opening mechanism? Mine is chain and springs which I want to get away from. I'm talking about starting from ground zero with a whole new system, tracks included. Any help any of you could provide would be greatly app
  8. There was a Gremlin that could be had with the 304 V8 and 3 or 4 speed on the floor. That one wasn't a joke. Can't remember what it was called, just remember seeing them.
  9. Hold it! Theres one other way. If he's had the truck for 90 years he could have recycled it back through the judging system every 10 years.;)
  10. Fortunately, I still have access to a station that sells non-ethanol gas, so that's what I use in my antiques. However, if I did not I think I would periodically add some MMO to the tank. At least I feel this will help extend the life of rubber components and seals. I even add a little to the non-ethanol. It can't hurt. I have a friend who rebuilds carburetors for people from all over the U.S. { mainly collector cars } He states that if you use stay-bil you won't have any ill effects from the current 10% ethanol. I don't know but he swears by it.
  11. Thanks for posting that. The Lord knew I needed a good laugh to help me feel better!
  12. 1940 was also the first year for a column shift on Fords. The reason was more leg room for the middle passenger.
  13. Well said. Oh; and let's not forget a couple on good looking women to " encourage " the bidders.
  14. Hey thats super cool! I must have been under a rock or something. This is the first I've heard of this. I believe I'll register one of mine.
  15. Welcome to the AACA forum. I think you will find this a great place to discuss all things automotive. Great looking Probe by the way. My wife and I bought a 1993 Probe GT new back in '93. Seeing your pics brings back some pleasant memories. We kept the car 6 or 7 years and traded it in on a Chrysler 300M that the transmission went out on at 50,000 miles. Should have kept the Probe. Anyway; welcome aboard!
  16. All great replies. I think the false sense of security idea is big. I have owned a 4WD of some description since 1979. Now we have an AWD as well { Ford Edge } which performs well in inclement weather. I've seen people fly around in 4WD thinking they are invincible. I've driven both and prefer 4WD probably because I'm old school and have had one so long. Still; I believe the key is respect for the conditions. People who are afraid probably should not drive in snow in anything. There IS a difference in between respect and fear.
  17. O.K. guys. My intent here is not to start a heated debate. Just get some opinions. I understand how both systems work so I don't need an explanation. I'd just like to know what you prefer for driving in snow/ice. AWD or 4WD?
  18. When we mail in a meet registration we mail it to the Chapter or Region not to National headquarters. The Region/chapter then prints their meet roster/program. So I think what happens is, when the awards are given out, the way the Region/chapter lists the vehicle in the meet roster is what is sent to National as the winners list. Therefore it depends on how the Region/chapter lists the vehicle. This is just what I THINK happens. You are not alone; it has happened to me before.
  19. WW Motorcars and Parts. Broadway,Va. They cast new ones.
  20. My bad. I must have been brain dead { which seems to be a way of life with me now }, I failed to notice 1990's.
  21. I feel that the retro single seat thunderbirds will also be in that number. Especially the 50th anniversary 2005 model.
  22. I would buy the truck first because it costs the most; then the trailer would seem "easy". But thats just me. Diesels are more expensive but do produce more power. However, there is no written rule that says you must have a diesel to tow. My first dually was gas. Yes the mileage was poor but for a trip every now and then I felt the money saved at initial purchase would off-set gas costs for a few long trips a year. The main reason people buy diesels is power and torque. But then when I had my gas truck I always got there and back same as I do with my diesel. '
  23. All I know about it is that I have been to Early Ford V8 Club meets at Ford world headquarters in Dearborn and trucks were there with Ford painted on them { when the restoration called for it } and have never heard tell of any problem with Ford or any of their officials whatsoever.
  24. Just a note: I'm sure everyone on this forum realizes that 5th wheel and Gooseneck are not synonymous. The 5th wheel is cumbersome and renders the bed of the truck almost useless for anything else without removing it. If you go with the gooseneck I highly recommend the B&W turnover ball. The ball is turned over in seconds to allow full, flat bed access. Again; a matter of personal preference.
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