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  1. Regular masking tape probably would not survive. I've done a good deal of powder coating myself, and use tape specifically designed for that purpose.
  2. I have used self etching epoxy primer to achieve a black satin finish such as on a radiator. I always use a spay gun for my jobs. Would powder coating be an option for you?
  3. I heard a wise preacher one time who said: { quote } " We have learned more and more about less and less until we've learned all there is to know about nothing" { end quote }. The world we live in today is an insane asylum with the inmates running it.
  4. I don't even believe Global Warming exists.
  5. 1969 Dodge Super Bee Six Pack. A12 car. Although I am a Ford man to the marrow, if I had to choose just one to own it would be the aforementioned.
  6. If I'm not mistaken, Craftsman is now making tools in China. I wonder if the quality would be inferior to those made in the U.S.A.? Someone who knows please set me straight if I'm wrong.
  7. Dave: You sound like you are the same age as me. The 70's were the best years of my life. Riding bikes everywhere, hanging out at the local store to eat candy and drink pop { no convenience stores in my neck of the woods then }. Playing softball,basketball, football and pitching horse shoes all day in the summer time. We also spent lots of time listening to AM radio. There were a lot of cross-over hits and artists back then. Glen Campbell, Charley Rich, Donna Fargo, as well as many others had songs on both charts. For the record, I consider the 70's the best decade of music ever. Great times. As Chicago put it " Old Days ".
  8. So; they've spent all this time and $$$$$ to reduce global warming, and actually made it worse. I wonder what panic button they'll push now?
  9. Bob: If you look at the data plate on the firewall, second row you will see a series of #'s & letters. Example: 40A L XL 17LCL32. Breakdown: 40A= Thunderbird L=color XL=interior color 17L=nov. 17th CL32= the district the car was shipped to. The months are as follows:A Jan. B Feb. C March D April E May F June G July H August J Sept. K Oct. L Nov. H Dec. The # preceding this will be the day of the month. I hope this helps.
  10. With most cars of that era. I have found the problem not to be leg room but "stomach" room behind the steering wheel. 235 sounds big to some people, but I when weighed 245 I could drive my 1940 Ford coupe with no problem. I'm not 6'4 but somewhere over six foot. I was also an avid weight lifter so I had a good distribution of my weight { i.e. not much gut }. At 6'4 245 I feel the leg room would be the concern { unless all weight is in the stomach }. As I said leg room is not generally the problem. Just get in some cars, check them out and see how they feel. Don't be in a hurry.
  11. Congratulations! Great looking car. Love those first generation birds. Enjoy it.
  12. Do not call yourself stupid. When I first started working on old cars I knew NOTHING about cars. But I was extremely interested. Just do it and the knowledge will come. To make a long story short: I have gone from knowing nothing to restoring a frame up National Winner in my home garage myself, including paint and upholstery. It all boils down to one thing. How bad do you want it?
  13. Bhigdog: Thanks, Permission accepted sir.
  14. I too was at Moline. What happened to you was very unfortunate. Hang in there. I'm sure you'll rake that award in down the road. If it's any consolation to you, I missed on my first AGNM try then got it on the next try and have been winning AGNM Sr.'s since then.
  15. My concern would be this. Lets say it's a large meet. After bending down and "flashlighting" 10 cars fatigue may set in and the last few get judged a little more lax than say the first 6. However let me be quick to say I am one of those purists that insists everything be as correct as possible down to the letters/numbers on the tires. My wife says I'm OCD. I always say "no ,I just like things to be perfect.";)
  16. I have towed an enclosed trailer 1000's of miles in the last 20+ years without ever being stopped. Have blown by all weigh stations-never stopped. This DOT# is news to me. I do not have anything on the trailer except what the manufacturer put on it. As for criss-cross VS straight straps; I was never in the Navy, so I use the straight method.
  17. That's what I use. 20 years no problems. The main thing is to keep it topped off. IMHO 85w will provide sufficient lubrication.
  18. This is factory stuff. I don't usually use the staples but make my own with 1/16 wire as Gary mentioned above. I like this approach because I can cut the wire as long as I wish; feed it through the holes; use needle nose pliers to hold one end while pulling the other end tight and bending it over, cut off excess. The nails you refer to are called drive nails. they are grooved sort of like a screw to bite as you drive them.
  19. That is one POWERFUL machine!
  20. I would suggest the powder coating as well.
  21. I do not have seat belts in my old cars unless it came that way. But then I don't live in Atlanta. I live in a small quiet town and drive my old cars sparingly because they are mainly for show. Nevertheless, I realize I could be injured or killed in one on my sparing drives.
  22. To help solve clutch chatter, in addition to the above advice, DO have the flywheel re-surfaced also.
  23. The car seems to be branching out into other areas.
  24. No problem. I found a Liftmaster dealer in my area. I like the set up and am going to discuss it with them. The free overhead space really appealed to me.
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