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  1. 1957Birdman: I do have those back issues from CTCI you speak of and read them at that time. However, I did not refer to them because frankly I forgot about them. I don't know how far you want to go; but the hardest for me by far was getting the small split pins out that hold in the big pins at the joints. I took it apart piece by piece to make stripping, sand blasting, and powder coating more manageable.
  2. 1957 Birdman: My bird is a very, VERY nice DPC car. Any time I do anything to the car, I do it to concourse level, because that will make it easier if I ever decide to do a full frame off resto. The top looks so nice and smooth I never plan to put it down. All of my parts came from CASCO, incuding top fabric. I purchased a vidio from CASCO on "How to install a new top on your bird" The vidio is good, and makes the job look easy, but we know how that goes. I did all the dissassembly, what powder coating parts that would fit in my oven, and all reassembly. As for myself; I let a pro install the
  3. I just finished a complete restoration of my T-bird soft top and frame. Removed pins, powder coated each individual frame piece,new pins, new latches, new rubber, new tack strip, new hadware, the whole nine yards. I may be able to answer any specific questions you may have.
  4. nevr2L8: It is barely possible someone could have had to put a Standard fender on a Deluxe, but I doubt it. I have been involved with 40' Fords for almost 30 years and have seen all kinds of wiered stuff. I guess the most common practice { was;is } to take a Standard and make a Deluxe out of it. People put 39' Deluxe grilles in 40' Standards. I've even known of people trying to pass off a 39' Deluxe as a 40' Standard { with a little work } I said all that to say this: I hope you have a Deluxe, but there are many ways to tell if one has attempted to be changed from one to the other.
  5. A further thought on the 1940 Ford: The Deluxe had two, the Standard had one on the drivers side, Two states required two tail lights; Washington and Missouri. I have looked at a N.O.S 1940 right rear fender and there is a "knockout" for the tail light. Due to this two state requirement the Early Ford V-8 club allows one OR two tail lights on the Standard. Good info but still doesn't tell when two were required.
  6. StevenT: welcome to the wonderful world of AACA. The restoration looks great so far. I look forward to seeing the car at a future AACA event. A National Meet perhaps?
  7. I went to the grocery store and bought three nice glass measuring cups; one for each "ingreedient". I like the glass better than plastic because it seems to be a better and easier cleanup.
  8. All I know is they've improved the activation switches over the years. Remember the stuck switches and broken knobs?
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