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  1. Why change? Didn't Buick invest millions of dollars on a million dollar ride?
  2. Seeking a full classic Buick especially 1938 and 40 series 80 and 90 looking for completed car.
  3. I have a good set from a Coupe? I dont think they are the same part.
  4. Looking to Purchase a good driver quality 1940 Buick Limited. Looking at all models, except divider window cars. Thank you very much. Eric Bell 317-902-7782
  5. Congratulations on your Buick!
  6. For what its worth, I think it being a Stick is very cool. While not correct, I would love to find a Standard Shift and put it in my Roadmaster. I think Black and White looks good on a 55! I would love to see more of this car as it comes along. Thank you for sharing! Eric Bell
  7. I too am in need of a bracket for my car if anyone has stirred up another. Thanks so much.
  8. I have concluded this missing piece of equipment may be leading to some of my stalling and hesitation issues at the stoplight. I need a bracket and a Dashpot, I do think the actual Dashpot is still available, but my car never having had one in my time of ownership this is a bit of a mystery. Any help welcomed and appreciated. Thank you! Eric Bell
  9. I am sure they were thinking SALES! They sold 85K of these and 29K of their Roadmaster brethren. haha!
  10. Mine Broke in the exact same place, the 1954 Coupe Deville, I pulled one off of was an exact fit.