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  1. I Appreciate the offer but no thank you.
  2. Thanks so much, yes I am aware, I have a small 5 car collection and don’t need a second convertible so would really like to get a sedan in this slot. Thanks so much!
  3. Looking to swap my 1941 76c for a similar and show ready CCCA Buick, 80 or 90 series.
  4. I ended up with the 41 76C from Old Forge, I have been very pleased with the car. It needed some minimal mechanical recommissioning but runs like a champ now. I am currently working on the installation of the Fog Lights, tracking down that switch for the dash was a job! The hood definitely needs paint. It’s a mini rly deteriorated restoration that’s a delightful car to drive. Someone clearly invested in it when it was spruced up originally. Cheers!
  5. WTB 1955 Roadmaster Power Antenna. In need of antenna and switch.
  6. I am in search of a set of brackets and lights for my 41
  7. Looking for the correct dash “Fog Light” switch that goes in the “Accessory” slot on the dash of my 1941 Roadmaster. In addition to that looking for correct Guide Fog Lights.
  8. Mine is riding just fine. Probably because it isn't a Ford.
  9. Why change? Didn't Buick invest millions of dollars on a million dollar ride?
  10. Seeking a full classic Buick especially 1938 and 40 series 80 and 90 looking for completed car.
  11. I have some Wheel Covers if I can help you out. Best, EB
  12. I have a good set from a Coupe? I dont think they are the same part.
  13. Looking to Purchase a good driver quality 1940 Buick Limited. Looking at all models, except divider window cars. Thank you very much. Eric Bell 317-902-7782
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