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  1. Thanks Dave. This car appears to have original floorboards so I'll look for evidence of mounting holes, now that I know where to look. Gordon
  2. Thanks keiser31. I've seen reference to that too. Anyone have a photo showing the plate in place? TIA, Gordon Watkins
  3. I've posted on here a few times about my friend's '24 (you folks have been a great help). He has decided to sell it and has it posted on Ebaymotors now with an $8,500 opening bid. Maybe someone here is interested? Photos are posted on the listing and if you search my threads here you'll see a few more. I'm happy to answer any questions. Thanks, Gordon Watkins
  4. Can someone tell me where the rectangular, aluminum (?) ID plate, with the VIN stamped into it, was originally located on a 1924 DB Business Sedan? I've searched the threads and see reference to other models being on the front passenger door hinge post. Is that the proper location for this model? The plate was removed by a previous restorer and I would like to reinstall it correctly for shipment overseas. If someone could describe the location or, better yet, post a photo, I would be immensely grateful. TIA, Gordon Watkins
  5. Anyone know what kind of fuel mileage to expect from a 1956 Olds Rocket 88 with a 324 and automatic transmission? Also, is a fuel additive like Marvel Mystery Oil recommended for lead-free fuels? Oh, and where the *%& heck is the master cylinder? TIA, Gordon
  6. Thanks for the info. My friend has the Faxon manual for '27-'30 but says it doesn't cover the the '30 Erskine as well as the description implies. I'll check ebay but if anyone comes across a manual specifically for the '30 Erskine I would appreciate a heads-up. Thanks, Gordon Watkins
  7. I'm helping a friend source parts for his 1930 Erskine and am looking particularly for shop/owners manuals. NOS, used or repro is fine. Can anyone point me in the right direction? TIA, Gordon Watkins Parthenon, Arkansas
  8. Thanks for the reference but it looks like I'll need some specs in order to narrow it down, ie:OD, ID, length, coils, etc so I'm still hoping someone can provide some details, or even better, a spare!! Gordon
  9. Thanks Dave. Appreciate your help and will await your reply. Gordon
  10. When removing the oil pan on our '24 Dodge sedan for cleaning and gasket replacement, we removed the oil pump to clean it and to ease reinstalling the pan. The pump impeller has 2 vanes with a small spring between them to provide outward pressure. However, our pump was either missing the spring or we inadvertently lost it during disassembly! Is it possible for the pump to work properly without the spring, maybe just from centrifugal force? I've been unable to find a replacement but I have found that the spring from a ball-point pen fits perfectly when cut to length. Any reason this wouldn't
  11. Very informative. Thanks for the elucidation. Gordon
  12. We're getting ready to reinstall the oil pan on a '24 4 cyl and looking for advice on proper torque values and tightening pattern. Should the bolts just be snugged up well or is there a recommended torque? My inclination is to tighten them in an alternating pattern, from side to side diagonally. Any suggestions? Gordon
  13. So why was the stove a standard component? Did the older fuels of the day require preheating? Would it be advisable to somehow disable the stove to improve engine performance? And speaking of old vs new fuels, do most folks add Marvel Mystery Oil or equivalent to compensate for lead-free fuels? Gordon
  14. Yeah, I sensed a little friendly jab there and will make an effort to spread the wealth (ha!) around. I think it behooves us all to help keep as many vendors of these increasingly rare parts in business. Gordon
  15. Also, we found that compressing the felt in a vise and then immediately installing them helped a lot. They then re-expand in the channel for a tight fit. Gordon
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