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  1. Thanks for the suggestions guys, I won't be able to try any of them until after this weekend (traveling), but I will be sure to post back when I do. I plan to drop in a new thermostat, (and per Pete K, will attempt running without the thermostat on a hot day). I'm also going to flush the block, I plan on using some mesh to collect what does come out, just for examination purposes. Again I appreciate the replies and will report back.
  2. My grandfather mentioned the water distribution tube. He said he wasn't certain if it was in the 8, but he was aware of said tube in other models. Can anyone confirm for this model?
  3. Hi Guys, My name is Ben, I've posted here before but it was a couple of years ago now. I'm writing because I'm not sure what my next course of action should be. My grandfather has a 1930 DB DC8, it's not a show car, but it looks great in parades, so long as they don't last too long. The car seems to boil over after 10 minutes at a slowish speed. Motoring around on the roads, it will stay cool enough to avoid boiling over a bit longer, maybe 15 minutes or so. We've pulled the radiator off and had it cleaned more than once (most recent was two winters ago). The radiator shop indicates that it should be working just fine. They did mention, for what this is worth, that the back 2 cylinders are running hotter than the rest. Thermostat was fine at last check, according to grandfather, but at this, point for the money, I'm going to put a new one in anyhow. I've been wondering if flushing the block may be a good idea. Is that a safe thing to do? Follow the normal flow of the water (bottom to top)? Or go backwards top to bottom? Thoughts? Advice? Need more information? Thanks all.
  4. Right, sorry, reading to quickly. I'll try to get in touch with David. Thanks.
  5. I've posted some photos in my album section here. Thanks, I'll give John a call. Is he a member on the forum? Thanks again. Ben
  6. Hi there, I'm a new member to the forums, so this is my first post. My wife's grandfather purchased a DC8 1960's, because it was just like the one his father owned when he was a child. It has been a work in progress since then. In the last couple years I have begun doing most of the wrenching on it as he is growing less flexible, and I have been honored to help. While there are still a lot of details to restore, it's very drivable and display worthy. In fact, Memorial Day 2009 was the first time the car was on display since he has owned it! He let me drive it in the local parade. What a blast! So there's the background. Here's the first question. I've done a little looking around on the net, but haven't found any reproductions or replacements for the beauty of a radiator cap that was originally on this car. Here is an image of what we have with some primer on it. Know anybody who could fix/remake something like this? Anyone have one? I'm assuming that most 1930 model year Dodge rad caps would work, is that correct? Any ideas or guidance would be helpful.