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  1. 55 psi with no vacuum to the fuel pressure regulator.
  2. Good condition PT Cruiser is a lot easier to find.
  3. Well, I guess there is no market for them. Few more days until I toss them out.
  4. eBay it, let the bidder do all the haggling.
  5. That's ok, the color wouldn't match, and you wouldn't want to pay my labor.
  6. I put on a new leather skin on my TC momo steering wheel.
  7. I'm selling a pair of headlight covers from a 89 TC. Parts are located in AZ 85204. Thanks. https://www.ebay.com/itm/Driver-Passenger-Headlight-COVER-covers-Maserati-Chrysler-TC-89-90-91/173259434261
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