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  1. Hi did you happen to find the hinges, I have a 35 dodge with similar problem Crabby
  2. Hi I was hoping someone out there might know where I can get a set of hinges for 35 dodge 4 dour sedan. Crabby
  3. thanks for the info all very informative, does anyone know how far you can bore these out Crabby
  4. I have the option of buying a chrysler family flathead 6 with engine number t14759570, does anyone know what this is out of and the displacement Crabby
  5. Thanks all it seems that i need to find a new stack of 35 doors or repair my current ones
  6. I have a 1935 dodge 4 door sedan, are the doors the same on other models (35, 36, 37 & 38) regards Crabby