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  1. This code seams to be the " cam sensor/relay" The car runs 100% smooth and not missing a beat. I disconnected the battery and reset the computer. The code popped back on again?? If this sensor was bad I would think the car would be missing or running odd. Do you think this needs replaced? :confused: Any thoughts would be awesome.. Thanks
  2. Hello Fellow Reatta Owners I am replacing my headlights to Sylvania Silver Stars. How do you replace them? I cant find a thing in the service manual at all. Any ideas? Thanks:D
  3. I have an okay set up but I got "people" with better shops, LOL. I had some help on this because I was at my boiling point after I broke off 2 bolts. I used 2 cans of PB blaster for just over a week. The problem is you can not get the spray inside the frame where the nuts are hidden. We used an impact and then had to break out the torch. We had to cut access holes and then weld the frame back together. All worked out in the end but the job completely sucked! I have made a ton of progress so far and a few other minors left. Then its off to carpet,seats and paint.. I should be complete in a cou
  4. Well all 6 are installed, What a #####*! Two bolts broke off and had to cut 2 access holes and then weld. Car is much tighter and handles awesome. This has been the hardest project I have ever done. All new cradle and rear bushing. replace a ball joint and drivers 1/2 shaft before it was all done. Just did the whole brakes a couple weeks ago. I am almost complete with this..Thanks for the support.
  5. Not to sound silly but have you checked the battery in the remote?
  6. I have been spraying that Buster but I not sure if I am covering the areas I need. I can not see the top where the nut is so, I am spraying the sides and bolt. Am I missing something? Thanks
  7. I am in the PB Blaster stage !! I sure wish I had some bolts. Will an impact work just as well as a torch?
  8. I had the same issue and it was loaded with 20 years of carbon. I used Sea Foam and it smoked more crap out the tail pipe then a mosquito fog machine. For a minute I thought I blew out the head gasket, LOL. It idles smooth now and the choke works again with cold starts. I also added 1/3 to the gas tank and ran it through. I am not a huge believer in "snake oil" products, but this worked very well for 9 bucks.
  9. I tried some wheel chrome polish and it worked out well. The rag had brown junk all over it from cleaning and worked out better then I would of thought. Thanks for the idea.
  10. The spacers and cushions are still available with GM. I just got notice that those are the only things still available. The bolt,nut and cap is all discontinued and I will have to get new bolts locally. I sure hope they are easy to find..:cool:
  11. Thanks, I have used nothing but M1 in all my cars. I had my GMC Envoy in for service and I asked the mechanics this same question. They said never use synthetic in an older car with higher mileage?? Due to DINO oil has a larger molecule structure and the 3.8 engine was only designed for regular oil. This did not make much sense to me either....Maybe he should be working as a engineer for NASA and not a Gm dealer, lol.
  12. What are your opinions? I know GM calls for 5W/30. Does everyone use 5 weight? Dino or Synthetic? :confused:
  13. Have you asked Jim if he has one? I just received many things from him and everything works just like he promised. He also ships fast and is very fair on the prices.
  14. I have seen allot of nice things on that site. I see the floor carpet is sold and then a kit for the panels. My Main concern is the molded rear compartments and being pre cut. One project at a time and I have several going at once, I have to order parts and in the mean time I start another...I should of took the H1N1 flu Reatta shot..LMAO
  15. I have been tackling this project head on. I was discouraged at first but these Reatta Bro's on here got me all hooked up. There is allot or resources and Ronnie has an awesome page. Here is the relay info regarding the ABS: Original style relay that fits the holder properly: I found an old relay box...the company is GP Sorensen part number MR116GP Hella also made the relay and they are marked with #25530731 and I think that is a GM number. Reatta Owners Journal - Home <---Awesome info Reatta Data Page <-- more info and full service manual on these reatta's ... SIGN UP FOR Documentati
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