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  1. Daily driver to Seattle’s Lake Union area. Super clean, later Ford wheels. Amazing survivor.
  2. Is there anyone nearby that does tractor tires? I would give those guys a shot. Definitely tube tire experience required to do tractor stuff. The car tire stores don’t want it cause it’s not their routine.
  3. Here’s a snap of the ‘36 Dodge bracket. Somehow it has survived on the bumper all these years. Definitely a throwaway item like the front bumper bolt covers. Try finding a set of those?!
  4. I also bought the wiring harness from R.I. Great work done by them. Glad to hear you did heavy cleaning underside on the car. The cloth on the wiring harness doesn’t like dirt. Don’t ask me how I know this.
  5. I can totally see this scenario playing out. A knucklehead employee who’s working on his “last warning” regarding mistakes has everything to lose by being up front about another goof. The shop and the car owner both lose. And the knucklehead lives to mess up more cars.
  6. If you use copper nickel, there’ll be two of us ‘36 Dodge guys. It was a very smooth installation too.
  7. The body shop did all the taping for the starburst and a pinstriper came in and did the rings. Lastly they clear coated the whole wheel. A lot of labor alright but it really sets off the car. ‘36 was the last year for artful wheels. Big hubcaps were near on the horizon.
  8. I’ll bet you’re right, the shakedown cruise will probably loosen things up. Did you post the miles on that car?
  9. Taking a shot at Buick owners here might be looking for trouble. I’ll bet Buick is the biggest brand on this forum.
  10. I friggin love that thing. Showed my wife.... it would definitely be a solo trip.
  11. My favorite for worthless information;“ Ran when parked“.
  12. I am installing one on my Dodge too. Advise I read says mount it lower than the tank in a spot near the tank because these pumps are better at pushing the fuel. Don’t put it above the exhaust system in case a leak happens. I’m putting an on/off switch on mine to use it primarily to prime the system.
  13. You’ve won the lotto Joe. So happy for you. This is such a rare car. Please keep us in the loop here on your progress and enjoy every minute of it. You win! When it comes to rebuilding brakes, clutch linings etc, have the shop rebuild your parts so you won’t have fit issues. Be sure of their competence. Anyone will take your money, right?
  14. Hey Joe, Congratulations on a sweet find. If the amount of work ahead of you is too stressful, let me offer to you a straight swap of my ‘36 Dodge sedan! The car is all rebuilt and 100% roadworthy. It’s even green too with dual side mounts. Ready to enjoy immediately! Anything to help an old car brother.
  15. Sorry jpage, my car wasn’t so far gone to have to pull out the entire top. I just did the repaint and then filled the gap with rubber caulk sealer. Hope you get yours squared away.
  16. PS .I had the license plates restored by a guy in Cleveland, TENNESSEE! Did a great job for me. I can’t shake the Tennessee thing.
  17. The license plate is genuine, so is the frame. You can zoom in on the frame and see the pickling in the chrome. It’s the license topper that I’m not sure about. But like I said, so what, it’s all in good fun.
  18. I cracked up when I got to this post. I bought my license tag on fleabay from... you guessed it Tennessee! But it’s fun, goes well with the 30’s car and Washington is one of the least churched states too. I was following a fleabay Roosevelt/Garner tag from 1936. Perfect, right? Except it got bid up to $500! Took the car to the biggest show in Seattle, and the Times newspaper put a photo of JUST the plate. Forget the car! Loved it.
  19. It disappointing to see cars done that have few miles on them after the restoration. As noted the sale will never cover the cost of the restoration. You wonder why folks didn’t get out and enjoy the ownership of a beautifully done car and feel the satisfaction of time and money well spent.
  20. This gives me more time to save up for the trip. I’ve never been but since my brothers car has been picked, I’m not missing this for nothing. This dang virus better be gone by next year.
  21. Workmanship appears good. Taste extraordinarily bad.
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