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  1. I would call it brutal. Must’ve been a engineering school dropout.
  2. The hood ornament on these cars are amazing! It’d be nice to get a good close up to see it.
  3. My next door neighbor is into vintage film photography. All of that stuff is still going like it never stopped. You cannot go to the local drugstore anymore. I just looked online and found “Old School Photo Lab”. Great job on the pics and your instructional videos are excellent too.
  4. Wow, chromed front bumper bolt covers! Nice touch!
  5. Wow, what an unbelievable survivor!
  6. There is a red 1933 Graham sedan that shows up sometimes in Seattle at the Greenwood Car Show. So beautiful. If your people are thinking scrapyard, I’m thinking road trip. These parts belong to such great cars. Somebody’s out there looking!
  7. You know what they say...” Older is bolder”. Age is just a number. A cool car is ALWAYS a chick magnet!
  8. In late 1936 Chrysler introduced the hypoid differential. Does that not require a hypoid oil?
  9. Hey Joe, Speaking of fuel economy issues, can I interest you in a slightly used set of cow magnets?
  10. Saw this guy driving the ‘47 loaded with camping gear. Had to stop and get a snap of that. He said he travelled half of Wa state fishing, biking, hiking. Don’t ever let the old car slow you down! Happy trails!
  11. Did you do these yourself? Excellent work, jpage!
  12. My neighbor said it best, “That car has more curves than my wife”.
  13. Good question. I asked the same thing about Amazon in the 90’s as they bled millions every quarter but refused to die. Sometimes things have a way of working out.
  14. Like Neil Young said “Rust never sleeps”. On the subject of the fuel pump heat shield, I used card stock to fashion a pattern I then cut out of sheet metal with tin snips. Here’s some done by others;
  15. Is there a wheel repair shop close to you? They are weak alright but somebody should be able to straighten it.
  16. Excellent! Thank you, sir!
  17. I’m not giving much here I know, but maybe the wheel might clinch it?
  18. Nobody’s perfect, especially Woody Allen!
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