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  1. Welcome to the forum! Your 36 Dodge grill is going to be the most expensive piece to replace, as you’ve found out. I believe somebody out there does a reproduction piece made of alloy. The original is made of pot metal. Not really weldable.
  2. On the subject of rarely seen 60s or 70s Ford 4x4’s, a guy I knew who owned a towing company at Tahoe City, California, had to make a special order to get a new 1979 Ford 4x4 tow truck because they did not offer them. He said it was like pulling teeth! Funny nowadays cause everybody drives 4x4 trucks.
  3. Super clean originally a ranch truck from Montana. Current owner put chrome hubcaps on and used a holesaw to cut open room for the front axle hubs. Original paint, interior, 352 with 4 speed. Terrific truck!
  4. I miss mine, isn’t that what everyone sez? I bought it from a guy that swapped in 4x4 Bronco running gear, mags with big tires. Chrome grill was great with those big knuckles. Looked like a big Tonka toy. When snow hit, lock in the hubs and let er rip! Shoulda never sold it.
  5. Ed, you better give me your contact info. He firmly believes his one ton has zero collector interest! I told him I used to own a 52 F-1 and he said that is desirable.
  6. I miss my 69 XR7 convertible. Candy apple red with white leather buckets and white top. Chick magnet! Mustangs were nice but the Cougar had it over on them. Question; did any other pony cars of that era get leather seats as an option?
  7. 52 Ford F-3. This old timer drove in to pickup some welding gas at our store today. Along time since she was a daily driver, but great to see out on the road. He said he’s had the truck since he was a teenager and it was painted last in the 70’s. Certainly a trophy winner in the patina category!
  8. Sactownog, Have you sent away for the build card of your car? My 36 Dodge was similarly loaded with options which, during the depression made me wonder, why?You might be in for a story like mine. After the Dodge was painted, I saw a small card under the springs on the rear seat back. It read “San Francisco show” handwritten in cursive. By itself it meant nothing until I got the build card which told me Oct 15, 1935 build date, shipped to San Francisco dealer ship on Van Ness Ave., welled fenders, 6 WWW tires, radio, dual wipers, dual tail lights, chrome disc wheel options. The SF auto show is in November so I’d have to believe a Dodge with so many options was special ordered for the auto show. I would be nice to get a photo of the Dodge display at the show too. But that’s asking for too much. Covid has probably shut down the research department, but that build card might answer a few questions like mine did. Good luck.
  9. On the tour of the car collection, it was stated these were “original colors” of the cars. Their Merle Norman Cosmetics company used the red shade to make lipstick and nail polish. My wife bought the lipstick. That really revs my engine!
  10. Here’s a couple favorites from JB Nethercutt...
  11. If you post a few pictures, that might expand interest. Just sayin....
  12. I am very grateful for the education on this ‘Stang. I spoke to my wife and we will not just walk away from involvement, we will run!! The last thing I need is to flesh out that her departed brother was a flim-flam man or worse a sucker for buying a counterfeit car! Thanks to all for the input and Happy Holidays to you.
  13. I apologize for biting back on the statement in the original post. I am a victim of poor wording on the post. The very thing I was trying to avoid.
  14. Thanks for weighing in Matt. I was hoping to get your opinion. Thank you sir!
  15. Please reread my description. Nothing says it is in top shape. I only posed a question.Thanks for your input.
  16. My sister in law is in need of selling her deceased brothers car. It has only 8900 miles on it and has been parked in the garage for over twenty years. It’s not a fire sale situation either. What would the value of this car be in top shape? Any ideas on the best way to go?
  17. I don’t know if I want to get caught sneaking into the Judges place, if caught it’d be too easy to be sent away to San Quentin!
  18. It’s a line from the “Beverly hillbillies” movie.
  19. Parked at the docks, probably a ship worker. This car looks as if it was locked away for 40 years. Factory 4 speed, Crager mags, Highjacker shocks, fresh from the time capsule.
  20. Looks like a pretty nice car for the money! The grille is perfect and the horn grilles look good too.
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