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  1. I'm saying dual carbs and split manifold dual exhaust. Am considering same for my 36. I know it's not a stock set-up, but it'll sure deliver the goods! Langdon's Stovebolt Engine Co. sells it for our mopars.
  2. It might be time to investigate the split manifold route. Just my 2 cents.=)
  3. A 1932 Ford coupe is the holy grail of hot rods. To get a feel of that side of the hobby, try the H. A. M. B. / The Hokey Ass Message Board
  4. Excellent video! Thanks for sharing it.
  5. Yahoo! No more irreplaceable,priceless parts.
  6. For gaskets try Olson's Gaskets. New materials, perfect fit. Used them myself.
  7. Because rents are higher in the city, looking outside of major cities might find you someone with lower overhead, and lower prices. It worked out for me.
  8. How about a "C" cab panel truck? My brother did one years ago, everybody loves it.
  9. Moral of the story... If you don't like rubber, get screwed!
  10. Hi, I have a 36 Dodge and in Feb I received samples and a quote of $85/yard from smsautofabrics.com . Nice stuff, check them out!
  11. The chrome plater removed the face off mine on my 36 to replate the base. He used a screwdriver carefully to pry on the sides of the face. It took a few minutes of working both sides and it was done.
  12. Incredible car, superior workmanship! Mycket fin, Johan!
  13. FrankD, On second thought , forget it. Convex lenses are the face of a late 30's car. Even if you have to burn candles, I won't let you go back to sealed beams!
  14. You, sir, are cracking me up! Heck yes, everything is for sale!
  15. Thanks for the excellent photos Mr. D2 It seems odd to me that reproductions of these connectors aren't being produced. If you're building a concourse car, judges won't accept anything else, right?
  16. Frank, I bought original headlight parts from Donald Axelrod for my 36. He advertises in Hemmings. Also, you might look at Restoration Supply Co. online. Their catalog shows 7" reflectors with options for turn signals too. Good luck.
  17. Hi Grumpy. It's great to hear you are going to keep your car stock. Putting down the road with an original antique car is such a magical feeling. You can join a club with other folks, dress in period clothing, enjoy the smiles of all types of people who are clearly charmed by the experience of seeing you on the road and all the memories they have of days gone by. Enjoy!
  18. Thanks Jim. That solution will work. This car ain't goin to Pebble Beach.
  19. 1956 is my favorite 50's Dodge. I say go for it.
  20. Thanks for weighing in, Knucklebuster. I'm looking at the 1934-1936 pass. car maintenance manual in the wiring diagrams it shows a male-female coupling for the 3 headlight wires. I spoke with Rhode Is. wiring, they said try Restoration Specialties. RS says they know Chrysler products came with 3 wire connectors, but they only sell 2 wire variety.
  21. Thanks, Jack. The original headlight wiring is all gone. The connector I saw on the other 36 is similar to a trailer coupling. Unplug, unbolt headlight, bucket off with no wiring damage. Sounds good, but is this the original set-up, or did this guy invent his own solution? I looked on other vintage wiring sites but haven't seen anything like it. So many cars with headlight buckets, has to be something out there.
  22. I am rewiring my 36 Dodge and have been slowed by the headlight connections. The car was converted to seal beams and I've obtained the original lenses and reflectors. I've seen a removable coupling on another 36's headlights so the buckets could be taken off the car. Have had no luck finding anything like this.:confused: Any ideas would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
  23. Ben, Check out E-bay, there's a posting for your grill sides right now. Also, headlight parts are available in Hemmings from a guy named Donald Axelrod.
  24. Your horn is mounted above the shock absorber on the front fender bracket(s). The trumpet aims at the vent called the horn grill. Some cars came with dual horns, others just one.
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