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  1. On 9/1/2021 at 9:22 PM, Jack Bennett said:

    Older cars have very distinct personalities and are true survivors.Their souls are a composite total of every person who worked at a job they hated, pulled overtime shifts they would normally have shunned and all for a boss they abhorred……just to make payments on their “baby” and be able to cruise down Main Street in style. 

    Jack Bennett, you are the Hemingway of the forum!

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  2. 8 hours ago, jrbartlett said:

    Keiser -- My grandfather had the identical '55 Royal Lancer, in that color combination. That car had the quietest engine I've ever encountered; at idle in drive you literally could not hear the engine from inside the car. The car survived until the late 1970s in Houston, Texas, but we lost track of it after that. 


    As for wildest breakdown, I was driving a box van down the road when the steering wheel fell off and onto my lap. I had to quickly pick it up and stick it back on the shaft to regain control. Thankfully there was no one coming at me. 

    Thats when you hand it to the person next to you saying “Here you wanna drive?”.

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  3. 17 hours ago, Weirdbeard said:

    Is there a way to replace the valves on the fuel pump cover? I don’t see any way to remove them since it’s a one piece cast aluminum. No screws to access anything.269D6ABE-FB5B-46F8-B44A-52BEA16D3EC2.jpeg.3a94f94e16e09933662b2f2f316c3e7f.jpeg73A962B1-AE8A-42FA-BF5A-500CA19627D6.jpeg.48dc270a5f7b3f7573ea4c2aad68268c.jpeg

    I would just buy a new fuel pump. Pretty easy to find out there.

  4. 2 hours ago, Ronnie said:


    If you like cover bands you should try to get the Lexington Lab Band. My favorite cover band of all time. They cover a little bit of everything and the sound is awesome. Here is an example:


    Great band and excellent film editing too. Took me right back to high school.


  5. 4 minutes ago, CarlLaFong said:

    It's an old term fom the 40s and 50s. Cam grinders offered cams in half, 3/4 or full rage. Half was a good street grind, 3/4 was for the guy looking for s lot more power but still somewhat streetable. The grinders usually recommended multiple carburetors and a hotter ignition with the 3/4 grind and was pretty much required for the full race cam. 3/4 was a perfectly good term in it's day but is obsolete now.



    Right. It’s like when I hear a sports announcer say “The New York Football Giants”.

  6. 4 hours ago, TerryB said:

    I’m having trouble with the colors, maybe it’s due to shade from the trees.  Can’t tell if the colors complement each other very well.  Looks like a solid color would be better overall.

    These are great colors by themselves, but as a combination, it’s a train wreck. My apologies to the seller. Great car otherwise.

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  7. 1 hour ago, Trulyvintage said:

    We are leaving later this morning for an 8 minute flight over to Bellingham, WA to visit Home Depot & Costco.


    Having a small private aircraft helps.


    It doesn’t feel isolated to me here.

    I could live here full time.

    My friends here have lived here year round for over 25 years so they have a network of good folks.




    An island is a place where it can go either way,depending on their acceptance of you. My brother was hired as a store manager up there and was fully embraced by the community even became President of the country club.

    Being an old car guy would probably help break the ice with locals too.

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