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  1. When I comeback I want to be an engine.
  2. Put a tag on it and the trashman might take it.
  3. Gives a new meaning to the word UGLY.
  4. The hood ornament was $175, Trim was $125 ea. EPA/stripping fee $43. These parts were pitted, which required stripping and filling the pits with silver solder. Duane
  5. I had a diecast Dodge hood ornament and fenderskirt trim restored and chrome done at Custom metal Finishing Indiana, LLC. 9705 state road 38 Hagerstown, In. phone (866) 489 4089. They did a great job and I had them back in 2 weeks. Building is not much to look at, but looks aren't everything. Duane
  6. An old Engineer's saying. "Never draw more in the morning than you can erase in the afternoon."
  7. This is not what we learned in obedience school today.
  8. Next week we get wheels, following week tires.
  9. Check with your local car dealership. They would most likely scan one for you. Go yo the dealer of the brand of car you want it for. Can't hurt to ask. DuaneK
  10. This will be a oneway vacation trip for the mother inlaw.
  11. I told you R is for reverse not race.
  12. I put Rustolum on new concreat 8 yrs. ago. No problems at all. Proper preperation is a must. Old concrete would be hard to get clean enough for good adheasion.
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