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  1. So you´re the owner of it all... There are softwares able to deal with all these rescaling issues. Anyway, pic´s really nice. I have a bar here right near my house which I would like to wallpaper with "pseudo" posters like this...
  2. Nice work anyway, Barry, really. What did you order actually. I mean just a general image of this model in a scene with yacht or did you send him a real photo or what?
  3. Sorry, I am just thinking in a very metarialistic way but in my opinion the fact it was a Gabon embassy official car in the past theoretically increases the value of the car by factor X. I mean - 1961 Lincoln Continental is a nice piece and it has its price - but the value of that one JFK used (and died in)... you know what I mean.
  4. Nice work what´s the technique he uses? Looks like good old paintbrush...
  5. How did you manage to buy a Gabon ambassador car? I´d say it´s in some museum...