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  1. I will go to the junk yard this weekend and take pics and post them for you and then you can tell me if thats what you are looking for.
  2. lol thats a business that never ends.....lol
  3. WOW wish i had those rabbits....lol
  4. thank you Dandydave i wish you still had that 75 rabbit there are not many of them last year i went to a show and out of 2100 VW's there were maybe 40 Mk1 rabbits WOW nice thanks for shearing. Any pictures of it?
  5. thank you Shop Rat but i joined the site because i love cars not because im looking to show i do plenty of local shows here, Westpeterson NICE scirocco..... Rocketraider thank you for the info on the book ill look into that... and everyone else thank you!!!!!
  6. Oh im sure they would be anything "German" they are up for it let me know when the next one is and ill post it on the site or you are more than welcome to join the site.
  7. i dont know where you are located but here in NC there are several celicas at the local junk yard if you are looking for something specific i can go check and get what you need (if they have it) just let me now
  8. Engine: 1.8Lt, bored .040 82mm pistons Head shaved .010 Block decked .025 280 degree Schrick cam Hi-Rev valve springs Dual Webers 40 DCOE Engine build by (RPIequipped.com) Engine blueprinted by Techtonics Battery removed from under hood, placed in enclosure behind passenger seat for better weight distribution Transmission and Clutch Assembly 210mm Clutch Exhaust 4-1 Header2 1/2" exhaust piping (no Cat) Custom tip... Suspension H&R Cup matched strut/spring combo (no more than 5000 miles on these) Neuspeed front and rear strut tower bars Autotech 28mm rear sway bar Replaced original tie-rods with new dual-adjustable for easier alignment 15" Sportmaxx 002 15/8" with 195-50-15 Nitto tires. Brakes 10.1" Front Brake upgrade from the 16V Scirroco Neuspeed stainless braided brake lines Exterior European front and rear bumpers Custom metallic black paint with blue tinting Clear front turn signal lenses Antenna replaced with MK2 "Fuba" Painted rear drums Media Kenwood CD Player Head Unit 1 100Watt crossover amp 1 600Watt Kenwood subwoofer amp 2 10" Kenwood Subwoofers 2 6x9's in custom boxes 2 3" Rockford Fosgate speakers up front interior Grant Racing steering wheel Custom upholstry Custom carpeting Back seat removed Built-in Amp rack, sub-box, and 6x9 boxes.
  9. I dont know how far you are from NC but we have a VW/Audi/eoropean car clun check us out. NCDUBS.ORG
  10. Oh yeah as a matter a fact im driving the VW to Ocean City MD this weekend for the biggest VW watercooled meet in the nation. is there anyone here close to Winston Salem who deals with Weber carburators?
  11. Thank you all for the great welcom... So my 26 yo car the only thing i can benefit from is no immisions right?
  12. oh ok i was told also in NC there is no inspection on vehicles classifies as "Antiques" and also a plate...lol
  13. Hi, my name is Fermin ive been around old cars all my life and i have alot of respect for those who maintain them. I live in Winston Salem NC, i usually go to Pilot Mt and mocksville for the cruisins . I have a 1983 vw rabbit GTI i know is not a muscle car but its a start the car has beenrestored from the ground up and i converted it from CIS fuel injection to twin weber carbs, i do have some questions, i read somewhere that a car is considered an "antique" after 25 yrs is that the same here as far as the NC DMV? what are the advantages of registering a car as an "Antique" Well thank you for the space on the tread.
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