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  1. since my split from the wife my food costs have dramatically decreased hugely. I might average $10 a day. and that’s including adult beverages. so I can’t really build up fuel credits at the store in kingman because I spend about half my time at my grandmothers cabin in Southern California mountains. (and no such credits.)
  2. paid $2.89 at Costco North San Diego. or was it ONLY 2.79? still wayyyyy tooooo much
  3. kingman az. $1.74 and up for regular unleaded. i’m driving the cad a lot more with cheap gas.
  4. maybe the manual window crank mechanism is broken like the right one in my 41 cadillac. or if a power window... hardly works like the ones in my 68 impala.
  5. are they similar to other GM power windows?
  6. i find 'floating' works well for me with a non syncro trans.
  7. i commend you for your dedication. all the challanges of a vaccum fuel system explains why the previous owner of my 23 buick “lost” the top portion of my unit. i’ve been using an electric fuel pump with a regulator set to one psi to run my car.
  8. i ordered a genius charger. i have an old optima 6 volt battery to hopefully get functioning again along with a couple of old dead 12volt regular batteries.
  9. good time to try a 50-50 mix of acetone and atf. supposed to penetrate better than anything else. (i have not tried it.)
  10. I am ready for the self driving car. I want to crawl in the backseat take a nap.
  11. 6? healey 3000 for peanuts back in '68. i probably would have destroyed it had i bought it.
  12. part of the curse of modern gas with ethanol. try to find some gas with no ethanol.
  13. the biggest maintenance expense of owning a trailer are the tires.
  14. i just use aluma seal. seems to do the job. i read somewhere that GM used bars stop leak by the railroad boxcar load on the production line. of course there is the old standby... egg whites and also pepper.
  15. my 1923 buick used the engine number on the title when i first bought it 15 years ago. after i found the vin on the frame i took the car back to the arizona motor vehicle department by my house and they verified the two numbers and issued me a new title with the frame vin. took an hour and a few bucks but worth it.
  16. i suggest just get it running and driving safely first. if the body and paint are original... just give it a good cleaning and wax... even if not perfect. ditto the interior.
  17. maybe i'll try that atf trick on an old tire... i have a quart of old cheap atf in a damaged leaking old style can.
  18. cool mini. and made in italy? i would guess old fiat key blanks. in 1965 my neighbor bought a new austin cooper s. that was such a fun car. later in 1967 i bought a 1964 mg 1100 sedan. also fun until the crankshaft broke at the #4 throw rod. then sold it to an amigo who put his own engine (from a wrecked mg1100) into it. ran for a long time.
  19. tinindian's story i've heard a few times before over many years. best to just throw the new condenser into the glovebox as a spare.
  20. oh yeah. b+w. no doubt. even if it is a conversion. butt either way it's good.
  21. i thought it was all about me. anyways... original poster... you gotta start somewhere.
  22. i suggest a carburetor type car. 240z would do. old and relatively simple. the electronics greatly complicates everything. the relays are enough.
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