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  1. The cars are in White Cloud Michigan, about 50 miles north of Grand Rapids. I agree, it would be a shame to let them get crushed!
  2. Bob I agree with you and its not about money. The land is going to be sold and I'm afraid they will be vandelized or sold for scrap. If I could keep the land they would stay.
  3. Thank you for the info, Picture #2 is my screensaver! I used to play around those cars when I was little and they bring back good memories. I'll keep trying to find someone who might be interested in them. Any members from the Grand Rapids area?
  4. I posted pictures at my site, just remember, they've been there a long, long time. Thanks and let me know what you think. The cars are in northern Michigan. www.charcoaldog.com/old_cars
  5. I need some advice on what to do with 2 old cars on some property I own. One is a 1936? chevrolet and the other is a chrysler? Both cars have been there for as long as I remember and are up to the fenders in dirt. Like me, they aren't getting any younger. Would they be of some use to someone that restores old cars?
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