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  1. ls or lt is like wearing your underwear forever. no thinking involved. yuk
  2. i go by this place every day to and from work. gentleman passed away awhile back. he was a ford man. 'fairlane farm' on the barn. can stop if anybody needs info.
  3. pete, retired old school machinist, parts manager for cnc machines, etc, but never needed to learn or wanted to learn cell phone, i-pad, camera or whatever new tech out there. as far as shipping goes, just the sheetmetal is a nightmare. the shipping companies nowadays are the worse ever for damaging anything. like i said, door cars no more. just limited sheetmetal and parts on the race cars is a lot easier for me. john
  4. lets try this way. a lot of cars that are so called ''restored from the ground up'' and are priced high, but visually use modern day parts. say they use hose clamps or a edelbrock air cleaner. you wouldn't expect it on a 1930 Duesenberg, but say they use them. they want the big money, but the product is not what it's supposed to be. i'm getting out of 'door cars' and am doing a front engine dragster and an altered. they need not be a Duesenberg. maybe being a retired machinist, i should learn to relax a bit on the perfection side. i know it drives my eye doctor crazy when doing the eye exam. lol
  5. matt, i enjoy your ads and your knowledge of the past. but how do you live with a client that so-calls restores from the chassis up and in the picture ad there are new style hose clamps and other variations of not age correct parts and they want era correct prices? please help me understand this insanity. thanks john g
  6. so what is the real price? interested, but where is it? thanks john
  7. parts will cost you at least $100.00 donated to the BCA. told to get my parts out of her shed. i will not deliver or ship i do not do pictures, do not know how to use a cell phone or camera or facebook or whatever junk is out there. like being dumb. 1938 special 4 door parts; pair of front fenders. good for driver or restore them. running boards. solid but need rubber 3 bumpers. don't know which is which. need chrome inside window trim. think all there hood parts. decent, need chrome grill, one side in 2 pieces, other side in 1 piece. need chrome pair of sun visors steering wheel. needs to be redone and a bunch of misc engine parts and other 38 parts that i keep finding. getting out of buick door cars. do race a supercharged 350 buick in a front engine dragster and now building an altered with either another s/c 350 or s/c v6. i am regressing back to my childhood....lol the parts are at(better hurry) semi retired so i am flexible to help john gudaitis 25 stafford rd ellington, ct 06029
  8. I don't post often on this and the buick site and don't say much. I read thru the 12 pages and feel sorry for him. but, i'm into the performance cars, aka buick gs's and race an old front engine dragster. the money I spent racing my buick back just in the early 70's , I could have bought a cottage on the lake with a boat and sat in my beach chair drinking mint julips and watching the girls go by. yeah, 20-20 hind sight works really well. lol. would I do it all over again, yup. I said I race an old dragster. chassis is a woody Gilmore and could get my money back on it. the buick engine has over 25k in it. I couldn't get 25% back on it. the memories I have with my son in all this is priceless. the deal I have with my son and the dragster is the day he doesn't feel safe or want to continue, we either make it look pretty for a show car or ready for this, we sell it and go look for an early 30's four door car so me, him and the 2 grandsons go cruising around!!! the money I spent in racing I could have bought your ford many times over. your human perspective is way off for this hobby. I couldn't imagine myself being this way. the info you got from everybody is 4 credits towards a business degree.
  9. the intake is set up for an smog pump or are my eyes deceiving me? did this engine have an smog pump?
  10. At a car show in durham ct back in the early 80's if memory serves, met a guy with a unrestored dusenberg 2 dr coupe. The car was as is, was unrestored and driven regularly. I asked why it wasn't restored. Said 'you can't drive it from the grave'. I heard he is still alive and still has the car. Looking back, that wisdom changed my mind about as is and restored cars. I had, my son has it now, an 67 buick special, all original, unrestored. it won an award in the originality class. But since then, the driveline has been upgraded in the h/p area. All the original parts are stored away. The car was shown and raced before and now with the changes. It still gets attention wherever it goes. We will never spend stupid money on making it a trailer queen. (a trailer queen is like having a blow-up doll for a date) We also have a 1968 front end dragster that was built to run top fuel in 1968, but never did. We try to make close to '68 specs ,aka visual, with a buick motor. Both these machines see plenty of abuse. They are just made out of metal. They can be fixed. Fixed for peeble beech style is way out of our vision. It's like living in the taj mahal wit your nose up in the air. I like the crowd I hang out with better. They are a better grade of people imho. just my $.02...because that's all I got.
  11. marcin, one slight problem.....I don't do pictures, own a cell phone, don't know how to operate one, no ipad or whatever. just this plain old pc. I refuse to learn some of the new technologies out there. I make my own parts for my dragster. people who know me ask for pics....come over and take your own I tell them. so, if your friend is up for a road trip to ellington, Connecticut, tell him to bring his truck, we will load it up with all the 38 stuff that's left and then proceed to have a drink from the good bottle of rum he brings with him. that's the best I can and will do.
  12. I'm pretty sure I have all the 38 hood parts. also have front fenders, but they are not 6 wheel fenders. also have running boards and bumpers and some misc items. problem is where you are at. where are you depends on the price. I don't need them anymore. that project has gone away. if you are close to Connecticut, it will cost you a good bottle of rum. lol. if you are overseas, well............ john home of the worlds fastest 350 supercharged buick front engine dragster
  13. car is as basic/plain/cheap as you could buy in 68. radio installed at dealer, not factory installed. no p/s or p/b. no v8. surprised it has an automatic. that makes it a hard sell unless you make a race car out of it. also looks to have a vinyl floor, not carpet. a lot of minus's for this car. 8k would be tops in my book.
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