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  1. I don't post often on this and the buick site and don't say much. I read thru the 12 pages and feel sorry for him. but, i'm into the performance cars, aka buick gs's and race an old front engine dragster. the money I spent racing my buick back just in the early 70's , I could have bought a cottage on the lake with a boat and sat in my beach chair drinking mint julips and watching the girls go by. yeah, 20-20 hind sight works really well. lol. would I do it all over again, yup. I said I race an old dragster. chassis is a woody Gilmore and could get my money back on it. the buick engine has over 25k in it. I couldn't get 25% back on it. the memories I have with my son in all this is priceless. the deal I have with my son and the dragster is the day he doesn't feel safe or want to continue, we either make it look pretty for a show car or ready for this, we sell it and go look for an early 30's four door car so me, him and the 2 grandsons go cruising around!!! the money I spent in racing I could have bought your ford many times over. your human perspective is way off for this hobby. I couldn't imagine myself being this way. the info you got from everybody is 4 credits towards a business degree.
  2. engine compartment shows it has an aftermarket aluminum radiator, what happened to the original?
  3. the intake is set up for an smog pump or are my eyes deceiving me? did this engine have an smog pump?
  4. At a car show in durham ct back in the early 80's if memory serves, met a guy with a unrestored dusenberg 2 dr coupe. The car was as is, was unrestored and driven regularly. I asked why it wasn't restored. Said 'you can't drive it from the grave'. I heard he is still alive and still has the car. Looking back, that wisdom changed my mind about as is and restored cars. I had, my son has it now, an 67 buick special, all original, unrestored. it won an award in the originality class. But since then, the driveline has been upgraded in the h/p area. All the original parts are stored away. The car was shown and raced before and now with the changes. It still gets attention wherever it goes. We will never spend stupid money on making it a trailer queen. (a trailer queen is like having a blow-up doll for a date) We also have a 1968 front end dragster that was built to run top fuel in 1968, but never did. We try to make close to '68 specs ,aka visual, with a buick motor. Both these machines see plenty of abuse. They are just made out of metal. They can be fixed. Fixed for peeble beech style is way out of our vision. It's like living in the taj mahal wit your nose up in the air. I like the crowd I hang out with better. They are a better grade of people imho. just my $.02...because that's all I got.
  5. marcin, one slight problem.....I don't do pictures, own a cell phone, don't know how to operate one, no ipad or whatever. just this plain old pc. I refuse to learn some of the new technologies out there. I make my own parts for my dragster. people who know me ask for pics....come over and take your own I tell them. so, if your friend is up for a road trip to ellington, Connecticut, tell him to bring his truck, we will load it up with all the 38 stuff that's left and then proceed to have a drink from the good bottle of rum he brings with him. that's the best I can and will do.
  6. I'm pretty sure I have all the 38 hood parts. also have front fenders, but they are not 6 wheel fenders. also have running boards and bumpers and some misc items. problem is where you are at. where are you depends on the price. I don't need them anymore. that project has gone away. if you are close to Connecticut, it will cost you a good bottle of rum. lol. if you are overseas, well............ john home of the worlds fastest 350 supercharged buick front engine dragster
  7. car is as basic/plain/cheap as you could buy in 68. radio installed at dealer, not factory installed. no p/s or p/b. no v8. surprised it has an automatic. that makes it a hard sell unless you make a race car out of it. also looks to have a vinyl floor, not carpet. a lot of minus's for this car. 8k would be tops in my book.
  8. it is a 350 with 283 std bore forged pistons, that's +.075, 351 ford connecting rods with a 1.88 honda rod bearing, that's grinding the crank down over .100, the intake used to be a 340 mopar dual quad, cut up, with adapter plates to fit the 350 and a 174 b&m supercharger. the bottom pulley is a 1.8 escort harmonic balancer modified to fit for the supercharger belt. i do this stuff just to prove it can be done. when i'm done with this one, my next project is making a overhead cam 350.
  9. i'll see what i can do cleaning them up. you want these to fit a 6014 bulb?
  10. bob, i assume mine are originals. maybe somebody can us an answer.
  11. west, if anybody can screw up a computer, that would be me. we have a bad relationship to say the least. thanks for putting up the picture. john
  12. i have 2 copper advertising plates that were used for magazine ads. pretty cool.
  13. brian, went this morning to p/up the bolts, there was only 9. couldnt find the 10th one. should have put them back where i found them. dummy.
  14. i have a bunch of jacks around, but for the 38, i dont recall if it had one. then again, you've seen my garage. who knows.