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  1. Hi, Dave: Thanks for the info, I saw the '42 for sale online in Colorado and was curious if it might be something special. By the numbers, he's asking waaaay too much. Anyway, my '42 finally found a home in a garage. No real progress has been made due to finances, but I keep acquiring parts as I see them. I'd like to start working on her, but my facilities at the moment are pretty restrictive. Just trying to keep her from further degregation until I can finally get my hands dirty. Kind regards, Jared
  2. Can anyone help me decode this tag, maybe Mr. Corbin if you are around? Serial # 14279336 1942 MOD Style # 42-4409 Body # 1885 Trim # 50 OK Paint # 5 Thanks. Jared
  3. How much are you looking to get for your car? Where is it listed? Do you have any pictures?
  4. Price reduced to $4,000. Wants to sell this week.
  5. So, the paint looks like it's original based on the chip I have for the paint code, Salt Lake Green. Thriller is right about it being a Buick Extra Special, or 41SE. Based on the 1949 Manual for the Identification of Vehicles, the motor is correct. Only 2288 built, rarer in production than my 76S.
  6. Hello: In Downieville, CA, about 2 hours NE of Sacramento, sits a 1942 Buick. It's owner, Billy Epps, bought it for his daughter about a year ago after acquiring it in trade from a guy who found the car in a barn in Fresno, where it had been sitting since 1957. Unfortunately, Billy's daughter did not like the look of the car. According to Billy, he has new brakes and a master cyclinder for the car. Other than that, I am not sure on the condition; I would like to find this car a good home. Billy is asking $4K. For more info, please contact him at gasman@hnet.us or you can contact me and I
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