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  1. The speedo cable that I have does not have the actual cable in it, just the housing. It also does not seem to have any threads on the end that would go torwards the transmission and also does not look like it has the length to make it there. It doesnt appear to have been stripped out so this may be how it came stock, I dont know enough about these cars yet to be able to tell. I have one "good" radiator and one with a dent in the top. Let me know if I can help you in any way. I forgot to mention it before but all of these parts are in Encinitas California (North San Diego County). Thanks, Joe d
  2. There is a window frame for a Touring ( I think ) in this group.
  3. It has been a while since I was on here, I had the 25 that I posted as a 24 Touring over a year ago. The car has been in California since then but got to see it on a recent business trip, unfortunatley it has not been touched since it went into my Dad's garage. Dad and Grandpa have gathered up all of the parts for the car and I got a chance to go through them last week. The good news is that door handles, trim pieces, dash, steering column, marker lamps, stop lamp, head lamp glass, head lamp trim, all the bits and pieces for glass all the way around including glass, gas pedal, starter switch,
  4. Here are the pictures that Rodger sent me of the metal piece he was refering to- Joe
  5. I thought about joining but I knew that I was only going to have the car for a while, I am in Texas and the car is in California. My Grandpa (so I am told) is a member of the Dodge Brothers Club and Him and my Dad are working on the car over there right now. If it was free to join I would do it in a minute and have often thought of doing it anyway but every dime seems to count in the last couple of years. I dont think that my Grandpa knows how to use the benifits of membership ( if he is a member ), Could you throw some suggestions my way to maybe help him along....... He is 82. I am very curi
  6. My Grandpa made it home last week and got to see the car for the first time last weekend! As far as Grandpa goes he was about as thrilled as I have ever heard him. He also came with presents from his garage including the dash with all original guages/switches and two full boxes of not only the parts he had taken off of this car but two other cars he had scrapped. Sometimes it isnt such a bad thing to keep everything you have touched with a wrench for the last fifty years. When I go out there in January I will get a look at the bits and pieces and snap some photos to post.
  7. Peter helped me, I had to shrink the photos
  8. It's been a busy couple of weeks........ New E-mail davistx@verizon.net for pictures I am having trouble uploading the pictures that the interior guys took but I can email them to anybody that would like them. Front and rear seat are both done along with the top.
  9. My friend the interior guy had a bunch of samples sent to him and one of them is almost a perfect match or at least the best I have seen out of all the samples so I think I will go with it. I am having the top and the seats done and ordering enough material to finish the rest at a later date. That way when my Dad comes and gets it next week he will be able to sit in it for the first time in who knows how many years. I know I am ahead of what I should be doing but at least all but the top pop right out so work can continue, plus my friend is doing it for cost. My Dad and grandpa are going to w
  10. I only know what I have been told here and by a couple other people that may have just been throwing out guess' but I thought only leather and mohair was available in these cars? I know it could have been changed but Grandpa said it was original?? Thanks, Joe
  11. A friend of mine had his father in law who does upholestery come over and take a look at it and he felt it and told me it was mohair. It doesnt really feel like a soft material to me but it is really weathered and I think something may have made it's home in it at some point. I looked at the material you mentioned and it seems to fit better than mohair but I really have no knowledge on fabrics. I took the material over to my friends house so I cant look at the back side right now but I will make an effort to look at it tomorrow. Any other special marks or information to identify? Thanks, Joe
  12. I had already told them about having a Dodge. Maybe I will call them tomorrow and not mention it. I am also going to call a few other places that I found on the internet that have "discounted" mohair. I am not hoping for much but whats a few phone calls. Why is it so hard to find a mohair with a pattern in it anyway??? I have been told that the mohair would have been a light brown earth tone color too but it seems more like a grey between black stripes to me. So am I wrong if I assume that my car is actually a early 1925 and I have to add one more thing to the list of things I was wrong about?
  13. I have been poking around at interior guys trying to find a replacement for mohair upholestery but they say it is not available and there is not a whole lot of materials that are the same these days. What solutions have you guys come up with? Thanks, Joe
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