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  1. The truck is actually already registered and I applied for the title almost 2 years ago. My tags expired last October and I can't renew them until the title clears. There is apparently already a title for it, but they won't release it because the 6 digit number serial number of the Model A's doesn't conform with NC VIN numbers. When I went to get the truck inspected to get my title released, the inspector told me I had to get the truck title changed to a 1993 (the year it was initially built) "Custom Build Replica" car because I don't have the original engine with the ID tag on it in the tr
  2. So, since my truck is a 1929 (prior to 1949) and it has been materially changed ("new" engine/trans/rearend), I would have to title and register it as a 1929 Model A Pickup Streetrod? I hope that's the case because that is a lot easier than having to bond it and then register it as a 1993 Replica Model A which is what I have been told before. I just have to wait until October 1st for this to happen. Am I reading that right???
  3. I'm new to the street rod owner world and I am trying to get my 1929 Model A pick up titled. It is a street rod with a chevy drivetrain and I am being told by the inspector that I need to register it as a custom build because I don't have the original engine serial tag for proof that the truck I am claiming is the truck I actually have. Is this true? The street rod is from NY originally and NY does not issue titles for vehicles 1972 and older. I am just trying to get some information so I can figure out if I am getting the raw deal from the NC DOT. If you could, please post links too so I
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