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  1. 1937 Buick Special Series 41 ☆Sedan with suicide doors ☆Recent paint and upholstery ☆Rebuilt engine ☆Straight 8 ☆Manual Transmission 3 on the floor ☆New wiring harness ☆Converted to 12 volt ☆Electronic ignition ☆Woodgrain restored ☆Fender skirts in back ☆New running boards ☆New weatherstripping and rubber ☆Front window visor ☆AMFM/CD in trunk ☆Fog Lights ☆1937 License Plate 25K or make offer This is a beautiful old classic car that has had alot of work put into it. I need to take some more pictures to post but i wanted to get the ad up. If you are interested please message me. I can provide more pics. Located in Elk Grove, CA
  2. Set of 4 used hubcaps off of a 1937 Buick Special. Has pitting but shiny. $100 or best offer. Message for pics.
  3. 4 used hubcaps from my 1937 Buick Special Series 41. They are pitted. $100 plus shipping.
  4. I am thinking strongly of converting my 37 buick special series 40 transmission from manual to automatic transmission. I am getting older and the clutch is just getting to darn hard to work. Can anyone give me any advice out there and where to look for parts. Please keep in mind I love old classic cars and have one but I am not to savvy when it comes to technical stuff. I will have someone do it for me but I realize I may have to do some of the homework for them.
  5. Has anyone out there replaced the stock 4 blade cooling fan on a 1937 Buick Special series 40 with a six blade fan? I would like to do this. If anyone has could you share what fan worked for you? Thank you.
  6. Do you know anyone that can do to modification for me. Unfortunately my amatuer mechanic days are over.
  7. I have a 37 Special 41. I am having issues with the car getting too hot. I have had the radiator double cored. I want to change the 4 blade fan to a 6 blade. Can this be done and where can i find the new 6 blade fan.
  8. Can anyone recommend a garage/repair shop in the Sacramento California area for my 1937 Buick Special 41. I have a number of minor leaks underneath that I would like to have fixed and need help. I am not flexible or agile enough to work on my car anymore. I also need some help with someone taking the fuse box apart. I think I have a loose wire connection at the fuse for the ignition coil Any help would be appreciated.
  9. Not what I was thinking about but how do those work? Where do they go? Any pictures? Are they for 37 special series 40?
  10. A while ago i had communication with someone from the buick club in Sacramento area that fabricated a hood rest mechanism for 37 special. I cant find the info....are you still out there. I need to get ahold of you. Anyone else who has something please let me know......37 special hoods just rest freely on the cowl and my hood moves a little bit. Scared of scratching the paint job.
  11. Okay no need to respond..... Ordered line today and will bend myself...thanks!
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